Sheila Youngblood's Austin Abode

Not long ago I shared my discovery of the spectacular Rancho Pillow Motel. For those of you who haven't read that post, it is a sprawling bohemian paradise in Texas created by Sheila Youngblood. Originally an escape for her and her family, she has now opened it to travelers visiting the nearby Round Top Antiques Fair. 
Today I am sharing her and her families home base in Austin.  As expected it is an art filled, eclectic dream. See for yourself...

What a home to grow up in! I am ever inspired by her fearlessness when it comes to interiors and adornment. The art on the ceilings! The gypsy caravan bunk bed!? So amazing.
You can view the full article here complete with some interesting insights, a cool read for sure.

Carry on Maximalistas!



Ikea Jassa Bohemian Global Collection

Boho babes, sound the alarms! You won't believe the new limited collection IKEA just dropped. If you are a textile, rattan, basket, and global pattern lover like moi ... get ready for this. I'm warning you now, you're going to want every single piece. Even better? They are so affordable that you might as well just go ahead and grab one of each. Seriously though, you're going to freak out. I know I am. 

The lamp shades are $19.99 & $29.99! Saaayyy What?

The pillows range from $6 to $10

Loads of Woven & Rattan Baskets $12.99-$34.99

These gorgeous indigo splatter dishes need to go on my patio tablescape!

These rattan pieces are too good! I'm frantically figuring out where they'll fit. 

And there are rugs, floor pillows and more! Check out the full IKEA Jasso collection HERE