A Bohemian Blue Vintage Retreat

Although not in my normal vein of interiours, the beautiful home of Kristin Lagerqvist has me swooning. Obsessed actually.  A rare treat with it's nearly all blue palate, a color scheme usually reserved for more traditional spaces. I can't help but admire the owners ability to create such a warm and inviting space while using a mostly cool palate. The rustic wood touches, vintage pieces and touches of caramel, greens, brass and botanicals balance it perfectly. I could just stare and stare at all the pretty little moments in each room all day. 

I saved the best for last didn't I? This boys room blows my mind. The wallpaper is just so magical, it nearly comes alive. What a moody and delicious house non? I could never have the color restraint myself but am I ever inspired by the creativity of it all! 



  1. Oooh so. Much blue! Lovely!

  2. Totally MY style! I love this post ♥

  3. I love blue!! Especially Indigo...great visual post :) Happy Thanksgiving Andrea to you,your Mom & family <3


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