Blossoming Reverie

Atomic Occasions, a series of photos by photographer Jessica Tremp, feature women in blossoming reverie. Surrounded by botanicals, dressed in vintage floral dresses, lying on tapestries printed in vegetation and flowers; you can almost smell the scent of a magic garden when looking at them. 

A bit of beautiful and joyful inspiration today, reminding you to blossom and 
revel in what makes your soul come alive. 

xoxo Friends - Andrea

p.s. ~ Do visit the artists site, her portfolio is gorgeous!


A Bohemian Blue Vintage Retreat

Although not in my normal vein of interiours, the beautiful home of Kristin Lagerqvist has me swooning. Obsessed actually.  A rare treat with it's nearly all blue palate, a color scheme usually reserved for more traditional spaces. I can't help but admire the owners ability to create such a warm and inviting space while using a mostly cool palate. The rustic wood touches, vintage pieces and touches of caramel, greens, brass and botanicals balance it perfectly. I could just stare and stare at all the pretty little moments in each room all day. 

I saved the best for last didn't I? This boys room blows my mind. The wallpaper is just so magical, it nearly comes alive. What a moody and delicious house non? I could never have the color restraint myself but am I ever inspired by the creativity of it all! 



The Moody Blues

The super moon has had me on edge for days with sleepless nights and thoughts of our future. I dreamt that I needed to paint my front door blue. A precaution against evil spirits entering the home in many cultures. I was going to paint it green, I think I better go with blue. I saw a blue velvet couch the other day and dug it. Maybe it was the velvet, or maybe it was the blue. That got me thinking about blue rooms and here we are. Blue is a theme with me. More to come. 

Peace- Andrea


The Artful Home of Paula Mills

The home of Melbourne based designer and illustrator Paula Mills and her family. Featuring my favorite color palate, eclectic furnishings and plenty of art and botanical touches. Perfect. 

Photos via The Design Files