New House Peek ! My Boho Maximalist Breakfast Nook

bohemian dining room

It's been a loooong time coming but I'm finally ready to start sharing some photos of our new home! But first, some background info for those of you that are new around here-
My small family recently purchased our first home! (by recently I mean close to a year ago, time flies when you're working your butt off) We went from a 1000 sq ft rental, to a 1700 sq ft 1979 ranch style house. We got a killer deal on it, but it needed WORK. The bones were good but it needed a major face-lift. It was mostly stripped of any character and it needed paint and love desperately. My husband and I are all about DIY and were prepared to do the work and put our sweat equity into it. What we were NOT prepared for was how long it would take doing all this with our toddler running around in the middle of it.

We're now at a place where the boring stuff is mostly out of the way and we can start really putting our stamp on it. One of the places I had to make welcoming immediately was our kitchen and breakfast area. We cook at home everyday and eat all of our meals there so it had to feel cozy and relaxing while the insanity ensued in the rest of the house. We still haven't finished the major kitchen projects like the paint, tile, cupboards etc but it has definitely received the GypsyYaya treatment.

bohemian, global table setting
I thought I'd share my breakfast nook with you while I had the table all set for breakfast with some of my fave dishes and table linens. The runner and place-mats are vintage and the cloth napkins were a dollar store find. I'm devoted to cloth napkins and use them at every meal, I have a big basket of them that I've collected and then I just wash em' with the dishcloths. They make the table so much prettier and I don't have the cost or waste of using paper. 

Dishes are one my favorite things to collect. I adore setting a pretty table, occasion or no occasion. Those gorgeous hand-painted bowls and plates are from Grand Bazaar Shopping and totally make a table with their colors and patterns. I couldn't wait to show them off, I've wanted a set for ages. They just scream GypsyYaya don't they? The gold flatware was thrifted along with the glasses and mugs. 
I mix and match patterns indiscriminately as long as they fit into my color scheme, which is usually some version of indigo, amber and raspberry. It's wild but it works. 

bohemian, global table setting
This space was so cold and barren to start but now it feels like me even if it's not 100% finished. I'll be posting the before picture on Instagram if you want to check it out. It's pretty amazing what some colorful accessories and natural elements can do for a space without changing the bones of it.

I started by painting the half wall a softer color, it was a horrid shade of penitentiary gray before. I took down the dusty black 80's window blind and replaced it with a bamboo roll down, then added some more natural elements with the woven sea-grass rug (a $5 thrift find) and a wicker plant stand.

I prefer to keep the view of the backyard open so the "curtains" are actually an Indian sari cut in half and clipped on curtain rings to add color and warmth without obscuring the view. A big wood framed mirror opens the space and reflects light into the room and plants bring life and color. The dining set is the classic and crazy affordable Jokkmokk set from Ikea that I have had for years.
I would love to eventually add a built in bench under the mirror and have a round table and two upholstered chairs in here but that's at the end of the list at the moment.

bohemian, global table setting
I tossed one of these throw pillows on my chair the other day and discovered it made the chairs way more comfy and then I was like why not? They add so much color and texture and make thangs a little more luxurious. So they are staying. I'm always happier the more I add!

bohemian global small dining room
There's my tour of one corner of my casa, with many more to come soon! Hope ya'll are inspired to pile on the layers and embrace maximalism! Ha!

On another note, I was totally inspired by all of the cottages with names while on my trip to Nova Scotia. My favorite being "Shady Rest" and I think my house needs a name for romantic points but also so I can tag it on Insta. I'm leaning towards Casa Bohemia because it has some Spanish vibes but I'm not sold yet. I'm all ears if ya'll have any ideas!



Current Obsession ~ Vintage Cloisonne

Vintage Cloisonne Bowls
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I'm always on the look out for the next "thing" to add to my search for vintage treasures. This time I was looking at some throw back photos of my Mom and Aunt in the late 70's and BOOM it hit me. Hair combs. I'm all about 70's style and hair combs are a sweet way to keep your hair back while still looking kinda pulled together. So I got on Etsy to search for some, and before I knew it, a mild obsession with vintage Cloisonne was born. 

Cloisonne is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork using enamel. It has been used though the centuries and had a resurgence in use in the 70's, 80's and 90's, mostly in jewelry and accessories. Pieces from these decades can still be found very affordably and usually are adorned with flora and fauna in vibrant jewel tones. Antique pieces are a bit more pricey and collectible, their age and patina making them even more beautiful. 

Vintage Cloisonne Jewelry
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The pieces I'm currently coveting are the gold/brass hair combs with butterflies and peacocks, unicorn pendants {I'm a total 80's girl} and I love the pattern on that broach! Perfect for pinning on your denim jacket for Fall. Oh and those bib necklaces! Who am I kidding, I actually want every single one of these pieces and one of those bowls to display them in! 

Vintage Cloisonne Hair Combs
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Vintage? Vivid Colors? Botanical and Bohemian? Check, check, check! Wouldn't these make gorgeous gifts too? They have a little bit of luxe about them don't they? So keep your eyes peeled folks or the pieces I featured can be snagged above.

xoxo- Andrea


Indoor Jungle Secret Garden Apartment In Brooklyn

I've been seeing this Brooklyn apartment making it's rounds on all the online hot spots recently and had to share it in all it's colorful and plantful glory. It's just what the doctor ordered for my green starved soul after returning from a two week trip to my wild and lush childhood home of Nova Scotia to the concrete jungle here in Houston. I adore it's laid back and playful vibe. It has me thinking I need to paint a wall in that vibrant coral shade and add a few hundred plants to my growing collection. Oh, and find a place to hang an indoor hammock, since it is too painfully hot right now to even stick your toes out the door. I love the idea of an indoor oasis any time of year though, don't you? 

Photos via Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge
I'll share more about our trip soon, though I didn't catch that many photos. Traveling with a toddler comes with a special set of challenges that doesn't leave much pause for photo ops. That said. we had a magical time, reconnecting with family, friends. my home and Mother Earth. If you ever have a chance to visit Nova Scotia you most certainly should. It's da' bomb. If you don't believe me, check out my past trips HERE and HERE. More on this trip soon. In the meantime, me and the mister are back at our mile long home improvement list. I know I've been promising pics of the new crib for the longest and I think I'm {finally} in a place where I can start sharing. Yay! See you soon. 

xoxo- Andrea