Welcome To The Motel Rancho Pillow

Do I ever have a treat for your eyes today. Wow. I am so insanely inspired by this discovery that I'm bursting at the seams! Exactly the boost I needed while we're knee deep in renovations.

So, to get to the point...THIS is the one and only Rancho Pillow Motel. A sprawling 20 acre artistic paradise in the heart of Texas, it originally served as a retreat for owner and designer, Sheila Youngblood and her family. Since 2006 it has morphed from a studio for artists to play and record their music, a place for family and friends to hold their special events and now finally a fully functioning motel for folks shopping at the nearby world famous Round Top Antiques Fair. 

The property consists of 5 buildings, each with their own unique beauty. The Barn, The Red House (my fave), The Tower House, The Love Shack and The Teepee. There is also a heated saltwater wading pool, a rusticly beautiful outdoor bathhouse and a treehouse-like play area for the kiddos all enveloped by the surrounding nature. Each of the buildings can be rented separately or the entire property can be reserved for a special event, including group camping under the stars at Camp Moonlight. 

I can't even really scratch the surface of this epic place in a single post. There is so much to be seen and to ignite the imagination. It's an absolute whimsical wonderland, that just sat down comfortably at the top of my dream accommodations list. I will be returning to these photos for months to come for fresh ideas. The owner is obviously a powerhouse of ideas who isn't afraid to fully realize her wildest artistic conceptions. How good is that peacock chair adorned with vintage doilies? And the patterns painted directly on the walls?

I love that the exterior of the buildings are just as embellished as the interiors. The multicolored and mismatched seating has me thinking of how I can do something similar in my own backyard. Both with the seating and outdoor art. It just feels so inviting and fun. 

No doubt you would be dreaming in technicolor here. When she set out to make a retreat for artists to energize and realize their art in, she nailed it. I feel awakened just looking at it. A stay there would just about put me over the edge. 

Folk Art! Paint Everything! Yes! 

This color scheme is straight killin' it. I call this one, My Room! 

It even has my motto painted on the roof of the outdoor shower house. It's pretty much how I imagine my version of Nirvana to look like. 

I absolutely see myself spending a lot of time in this tree house thing. 

In the words of the owner herself~ 

"Rancho Pillow reflects who I am and what I love. It was born from the idea of duende: a term rooted in the art of flamenco that is best explained in English as having soul. There is a beautiful and mysterious power that we hold when we listen to what's around us here at the Rancho. We connect more deeply to art, nature, ourselves and to those around us. I invite you to open your hearts and listen with me. This place was built on Love. Come reclaim your sense of wonder, find the music of your own heart and stay awhile."

Now what could be more magical than that?

There is loads of more pictures for you to drool over on the Rancho Pillow site, along with more history and info on the place. Very interesting stuff indeed. Texas just got a whole lot cooler in my books. Now I must scheme how to get myself there...Luckily it's not too far away.
See ya' soon. Maybe at the Rancho Pillow Motel.

xoxo -Andrea