Boho-tastic New House Inspiration

The house search is getting real guys.We might actually be home owners before Christmas if all goes as planned. Wow. Sh*t just got real. As much as this little 70's Townhouse feels like home now, we are quickly outgrowing it. With my husband and I, our 2 year old daughter, 2 cats, 1 dog and a bird... thangs are getting a tad cramped in our 1000 sq ft of poorly layed out space.

We're hoping to land a 1970's ranch style home with some groovy 70's modern details.  I'm excited to be all on one level and have an open living area so I can monitor my little one easier.  I'm even more excited to do WHATEVER I WANT with my own damn space.  After renting for the last 17 years or so, I've had enough of the do-little landlord scene.  I'll be in control of my design destiny at last!

I've been arranging my ideas into inspiration boards so I thought I'd share them with you. As always, vintage furniture, art and accessories, plants and boho rugs are a theme. My signature color scheme is surfacing too, as usual (raspberry, cobalt, natural wood and sometimes a touch of black and brass.)

I realize to make these design dreams come true, I'm going to have to get really lucky in the rug & thrift find department. Pray to the thrifting gods for me ya'll. Splurging on anything as beautiful as the ones in these pics is not going to be in the budget for a long time. We plan on buying a bit of a fixer-upper, so our cash will be going towards improvements to the house itself for awhile. All furniture and accessories will have to be very creatively acquired in the meantime. Which is kinda my specialty anyway, so that's coooool with me.

I love the look of darker cabinets on the bottom with white on top. Then some open shelving instead of some upper cabinets. Again things are hinging on a great rug in these rooms.

A proper dining room is on the list of must haves. We have what basically amounts to a nook in the area that leads to the kitchen now. It will be awesome to have space to stretch out and finally be able to entertain. Sit down dinners with guests might even happen too, who knows?
So there you have my boho-tastic inspiration boards for the living areas. I'm still working on the bedrooms and bathrooms and yard. I'll share em' once I pull them together.

 Happy Weekend Ya'll! 
Peace Out


  1. No problemo to do it with thrift store finds (and hard work). We're there!

  2. Beautiful inspiration boards and all very thriftable! Who wants to go out and get a room already assembled and hugely expensive anyway! The Thrifting Gods will answer!

  3. We too just purchased our Dream Home and have been moving in slowly but surely to get it just the way we envision for it to be! After having lived in a Historic Home on Acreage for so long it is so much more convenient to live in a New Home with Architectural Details that mirror an Old Tuscan Villa but with none of the Labor of Love that always goes into owning an Old Place. Still getting our Old Place readied for Sale, so haven't been able to devote so much time to the New Home yet as I'd like. Can't wait to see your Dream Home Fabulously Styled, you MUST Share here in the Land of Blog so we can Celebrate with you! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Hi Dawn, Of course, I can't wait to share the process here and I hope you do too! Your place sounds spectacular and a break from "old house work" will be a lovely chance to focus on other things. Like decorating!


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