Suzani Dreaming

Suzani Canopy Bed
While I've been layed up on the couch recovering from having my wisdom teeth removed, I've been trying to keep myself entertained with stacks of {new and old} decorating magazines. Luckily my Mom brings stacks of them home from the UK whenever she visits, so I've had plenty to keep me busy. British magazines seem to have so much more yummy content and much less advertising, so they are my fave. I found loads of new to me inspiration that hasn't really made the Pinterest/Blog circuit yet. I'm really feelin' these suzani draped rooms I spied in Homes & Antiques mag and then a couple of the others I came across while searching for more suzani related inspo. How lush is that canopy bed above? And check out those intricate ceiling tiles! Now all I need to do is find a Suzani while on my thrifting adventures because they are pretty much waaaaay out of my budget. Here's to hoping. 

Suzani Wall Hanging/Tablecloth
I'm crazy about the lux look of the suzani draped table and wall paired with the boho tableware. All the makings of a fabulous soiree! That shade of blue on the walls keeps the room looking fresh and well balanced.

Suzani Covered Chairs
Of course chairs covered in patchworks of textiles have always done it for me and I'm loving that piece on the wall. It could have so many uses. To frame an underwhelming door, as a headboard or to frame a window even.

Suzani draped bedroom
The romance in this bedroom is too much! In a very good way. Suzani curtains? Yes please. And although you can't quite see it in this picture, the walls are the palest shade of lavender. It's such an unexpected combination paired with the scarlet accessories but it totally works. So lovely non?

Suzani Wall Hanging & Pillows

Suzani Covered Wall
I love the idea of hanging suzanis {or any textile for that matter} in place of art or wallpaper. It brings so much cozy comfort and color to a space and it's totally removable. Major impact for minor investment. I'm all about it.



  1. Wonderful post, Andrea, and wonderful sizanis!! Today i like especially those with the red background... but really, they all look and styled amazingly here!

  2. Beautiful mix of colors and fabrics!


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