Modern Magical London Warehouse Revival

I've always had a thing for catching a peek into the interiors of outwardly interesting looking houses. I'm not above peering over someones shoulder as they bring their groceries inside. That's not weird and totally normal right? Anyway, when I can't get my fix in person, there is always online real estate stalking. And did it ever lead me to a treat this time... This modern, magical warehouse revival in London is all that and then some.

I posted about a million of the pictures since it is a real estate listing and will disappear once it has been sold.  Some background info- It's a refurbished warehouse in London.  It was designed specifically for an art collector; the sky lights, cabinets and shelving are all designed to highlight the art securely.  You don't even want to know the asking price, but that's not important.  The point is- INSPIRATION. Breezy, Summery, light and organic Summer inspiration. Man does this place bring it.

I could never have this much restraint when it comes to color, but the textures, furnishing, art and collections certainly make up for the lack of saturated hues. It took some serious talent to turn this bare bones space into this magical forest apothecary/art gallery oasis. Just wow wow wow. How much do you want to wander around in this home, discovering it's spectacular contents?

More information and photos Here while they last.


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