A 1970's Modern Rescue House

I've been digging the 70's modern design aesthetic more and more lately. Then lo and behold, this house I spied over on The Design Files just sealed the deal for me. I want one. The natural woods, modern lines and overall Earthiness of this place is just killin' me. The homeowners use of color, art and plants just pushes the whole package over the top- in a really good way. Pretty darn cool right?
The house, located in Australia was apparently slated for demolition and they rescued it from being torn down. Can you imagine? I'm seeing major potential in 1970's style real estate right about now. Plus, my furniture would look superb in a place like this. Just. So. Inspiring. Check out the rest of the pics and story here.

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  1. I love the blue colour and the warm tones of the wood

  2. I bet some of those old Ranch Houses in parts of Houston are decorated 70's and cool inside!

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