Rustic Reclaimed Wood Walls

I've noticed a re-occurring theme with myself. I love a rustic, reclaimed wood wall. If a room has em'- I'm instantly in love. I think it's the hand-made, cabin in the woods nostalgia they lend a room that gets me. They can take a cold, white uninviting space to cozy, warm and inviting instantly. They are the hippie wardrobe of a room. If patterned rugs are the Indian cotton gauze maxi dress, reclaimed wood walls are the worn denim bell bottoms. The more you wear them, the better they look.
Something about being close to natural wood is comforting as well... a sense of shelter, tree wisdom.

Of course I also love the idea of re-using what would have been a wasted resource. Pallets lend themselves to this project well, but they are tough to break down and you have to be sure to choose ones that are clean and not treated with toxic chemicals. If you can get your hands on some kind of wood salvage, even better. There are loads of tutorials on how to create a reclaimed wood wall of your own. Reclaimed wood walls are without a doubt on my list of future dream home projects.

The home we rent now has a center stairwell that is wrapped in rustic wood hung horizontally. It is (very unfortunately) painted a ghastly shade of builders beige. I often fantasize about taking it back to the 70s and stripping it back to it's natural state, but I'm guessing my landlord would kill me.
Even painted, I love the texture they add to our space. They add just a little bit of that funk I crave.

I would love a rustic reclaimed wood wall in a bedroom especially. Apartment15 did her own pallet wall that came out just gorgeous. You can see her post about the process and get inspired here.

If salvaging old wood isn't your thing, you can create a very similar look with new wood. The folks at A Beautiful Mess have an excellent tutorial showing how they created this dining room above.

What do ya'll think? Are you all about the 70's interiors coming back?  I am. I so am. I've been waiting for this moment actually. Off to play some Crosby, Stills and Nash on the turntable. Peace.



  1. Oh, yes! Wood. And stone! How I love stone (and bricks)!

    1. Agreed! Bricks are one of my faves too!

  2. Very nice
    Some friends of mine created a whole kitchen with old cypress fencing
    It was lovely

    1. Sounds gorgeous, always wondered if cypress fencing could be salvaged. Good to know! I'll be eyeing the curb ;)


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