Springtime Blooming

I know, I know, I'm slippin' on my blog game lately. But believe me there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on right now that will soon make it's way to be shared here. I'm in my yearly Springtime frenzy/hiatus mode where I do a full examination of my home/wardrobe/goals/projects/everything. Spring is my favorite season, but I admit it does make me a little crazy. Something about the newness in the air sends me into a creative overdrive. I'm apparently very in touch with my animal instincts and "come out of hibernation" this way every year. I do a massive deep cleaning and purging process to clear my slate and make way for new growth. I feel like when my home is de-cluttered, my mind is de-cluttered and I can think more clearly.
 I even paused my usual thrifting mania for a couple months to re-evaluate what I'm after these days. After an abnormally big purge this year I have been re-thinking my "stuff" and really only want the cream of the vintage crop. Having a child has made me want to lighten my load and have less junk to store, clean and organize.
I also get a little crazed this time of year to make big life changes and to travel. We have been thinking about buying a house lately and it has been driving me nuts trying to decide if we should go for it or wait. I have a moving addiction at the best of times but it always gets amped up around now too. I think I may have lived in this home longer than I have lived anywhere in my life.

To help regroup and calm the traveling and moving urge for a bit, we took a couple of short trips out of the city to take in some nature in the Texas Hill Country. After some quality wildflower viewing, hiking and fresh Spring river dips, I'm ready to bloom again.

The final puzzle pieces to some re-decorating schemes that have been on hold for months are falling into place. (It's hard to commit to design when you may move at any time, but I did it anyway) Blog posts are being planned and some creative projects are in the works.
My little one is getting bigger and a bit more independent and flexible as well, which will allow me time to revitalize my neglected vintage shop. So I have reason and purpose to thrift again!

So anyway, that's what's been going on with me. The projects are officially rolling and inspiration is flowing. I'm slowly getting my groove back. So stay tuned.

Also- Am I the only one who gets all antsy this time of year? 


*All photos are from my Instagram @GypsyYaya



Art And People || Beautiful Botanical Prints by Laura Garcia Serventi

If you're a regular around here, you know that I'm crazy about plants, art and color. So it's a no brainer that these prints I just discovered on ETSY are presently blowing my mind.
They are the work of Brooklyn based artist Laura Garcia Serventi, and man is she killin' it.  Her moody use of color is slaying me. Lucky for me (and you) her prints are SUPER affordable and would make an amazing Mothers Day gift. Amiright? I might need several of these but I think I'll start with that beauty on the lower right. It's made for me.
You can find these prints and more on her ETSY shop Art And People . There's just enough time to order one for the art loving Mamma in your world too. Or treat yo'self, you deserve it.