White & Wooden Loft Beds

I have a wish-list of things I would love to have one day in a home.  Details like a dutch door, natural pond pool, transom windows, interior courtyard, skylight above the bed, or a built in loft bed.  You know the romantic type of things that make a place really special?  Maybe even a little magic?
A built-in loft bed is one of those magical type of details because it captures the imagination the way a tree house does. Especially if it is built from natural and rustic wood.  Not only does the loft evoke a childlike, tree house whimsy, but the space beneath is very cozy and fort-like as well.
I got to thinking of built in loft spaces like this as I painted the {very high} walls in my breakfast nook.  I couldn't help thinking the soaring ceiling space would be much better used with a loft space there instead.  If we owned this place I would be enlisting my husband to build me a secret loft bed hideaway there for sure. I like high ceilings but not that  high. I'm more of a fan of cozy nooks and crannies.

In some small room situations a loft bed would also open up floor space for much more important uses, like hanging a hammock. The wood frame would be able to hold the weight of hanging the hammock without the holes on the wall as well. I suppose you could get away with hanging a hammock below a kids pre-made loft bed if it was heavy duty enough.  Hmmmm...the ideas are brewing now.  You could basically create an entire guest room out of a tiny nook, if the ceiling height allowed.

I would, of course, take it totally over the top and drape curtains and fabric all over. I'd pile on the colorful pillows, textiles and rugs and add some soft lighting. Hanging and vine-y plants would be the icing on the cake, and would add to the tree house feel. Then all I would need is stacks of books, some favorite music and I wouldn't come out for hours and hours.

I just love the look of these wooden loft beds when they are painted white. It is so dreamy and the freshness of the white balances the rough texture of the natural wood. You could easily fake this look with a non built in, natural wood bunk/loft bed. IKEA stocks this one that you could bang up a bit and paint white. Then hang some macrame planters on it and around it. Some hooks in the ceiling to hang a curtain and you'd pretty much have the coolest set up ever.
OR- If you are super handy or have someone super handy to help you out, you could build something like this.  It actually doesn't look like a very difficult project and would come together great with some salvaged wood for more character.

How about ya'll, do you have any fantasy home features you dream of? Or do you have a unique feature in your home now that you adore? I'd love to hear about them!



  1. Beautiful inspiring pictures! I think a small wood burning stove in my dinning room is high up on my Dream Home Features, especially this winter!

    1. Oooooh yes! A wood burning stove is on my list of faves too!

  2. Ah, love this. Pinned :-)

  3. Nice spaces, Andrea! Once, i had an idea of making a hidden corner in our future house looking like a train coupe which calls for two-storey sleep places. May be, one day... :)

  4. loves, loves, loves, as long as I can't feel my breath coming back down on me because I'm so close to the ceiling. the hammock I would take ANY day. Geesh it's so pretty! and an interior courtyard, oh that would be amazing!

    1. Haha, yes no nose touching the ceiling ;) Agreed-hammocks are THE BEST.


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