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People say to me all the time "I LOVE that chair where did you find it?" or "Your red velvet couch is to die for! Where can I find one like it?".  Truth be told the answer is probably a bit of a let down.  It usually sounds something like  "Well, I was in The North Side the other day and stopped into this weird resale shop that was open for like a week and found it buried under a pile of junk in the back."
I am willing to do some serious groundwork and visit some sketchy spots at ungodly hours to unearth the perfect vintage find.  Not all of us are willing or able to go to the lengths I'll go to for the sake of sniffing out good vintage.  Even if you are willing, sometimes you just can't find that elusive piece you are dreaming of.  Not unless you're willing to wait for years until 'the one' crosses your path.

But all is not lost.  If you are in search of a mid-century velvet red couch or that iconic vintage accent chair, I know just the spot. Enter Chairish, an online marketplace for vintage furniture & decor, all perfectly edited with design oriented buyers in mind. They have something to suit every taste, from high end modern to vintage bohemian.  I could spend hours creating fantasy spaces with all of the beautiful choices.
So when Chairish asked me to create a mood board showcasing one of the gorgeous accent chairs available on their site, I jumped at the chance.  My idea of an awesome Saturday night right there!  I'm not even joking.  Naturally, I chose the velvet upholstered Louis Chair as my room inspiration.

You may have noticed that I basically re-created a version of my own living room with my mood board above.  I don't even notice that I continue to gravitate to this color palate until it's already happened.  I think it's basically a compulsion at this point.  But it works {and I love it}.  I think the key to creating a successful eclectic/bohemian space is to keep a comprehensive color palate and make sure something else in the room speaks to each piece.  I may be crazy and it's probably generally against 'the rules' but I have no qualms about mixing polar opposite styles in the same room.  I've never been much for rules anyway.

In this case the french blue chair speaks to the coffee table {they dish about their curves}. The peacock chair talks granola recipes with the woven wall hanging.  The couch chats up a storm with the blue bottle painting above and the side table {they went to art school together}. The lamp knows everyone by association. The rug and pillows all smoke exotic 'cigarettes' together. And the cut paper wall art heard there was a party, showed up and everyone just assumed he knew someone there. He just fit in. You know what I mean?

It was hard to stop myself from making ten more mood boards and creating an entire fantasy home from all the fab pieces.  Oh, and did you know anyone can sell on Charish?  As long as your items meet the criteria, you can sell your own vintage and designer pieces there as well.  Which gave me a stellar idea...sometimes in my thrifting adventures I come across something so beautiful {that I have no need of}, that it pains me to leave it behind.  Maybe one day soon I'll have a little sale on Chairish myself.  That would be fun right?

xoxo- Andrea


  1. Lovely lovely lovely!

    Yes, I and most people I know get most of our nice things secondhand which can be frustrating if you want it too!

    1. Thanks!
      There are so many treasures to be had aren't there?!


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