Justina Blakeney's Jungalow HQ

Bohemian Studio Space

What do you get when a multi talented designer creates her own studio? Magic. That's what. Such is certainly the case with Justina Blakeney's new studio space, Jungalow HQ. Always an inspiration, this lady does not disappoint with this delicious and mad envy-able studio.
The studio. The place where all types of artists dream of unleashing their wildest dreams. For designers-this means no more hiding all of your beautiful chotchkies, collectibles, textiles and art. It means displaying them with {organized} abandon. It means absolute color freedom! A place where one can experiment with and display their design aesthetic to the max. No holds barred.
It's like taking a private peek inside the brain of a designer, with all of their ideas concentrated in one fabulous location. A design fantasy land...sigh... I basically want every. single. thing. in these photos. Studio included. You?
Bohemian Studio Space

Bohemian Studio Space

Bohemian Studio Space
So what can we take home from this other than absolutely drool worthy photos? I have some ideas... Justina obviously has obscene styling talent and has a way with making things look effortlessly boho beautiful. She is also very skilled at choosing just the right furniture pieces to both store and display her gorgeous things.
Looking at these photos, I for one, am inspired to think of my storage situation differently. I always squirrel things away out of sight to hide visual clutter but I realize now that some things should and could be displayed in full view {if artfully arranged}. With the help of some well appointed storage pieces you can elevate your clutter to add beauty to your home.  Your "good" dishes, textiles, books, vases and dishes need not hide. Not at all.
Decorative boxes and baskets can take care of the not so pretty stuff while adding to your decor scheme as well {those pom-pom baskets are the bomb}.

I have closets and cupboards full of family treasures, and lovely things that I would love to have in full view all year long. You know- not just the couple times a year you use said item, like a cake stand for example. I fully plan on adding a pair of vertical shelves to showcase my hidden kitchen items and to give my storage more thought from now on.

Another thing I noticed is that stylists have a stash and aren't ashamed of it. If you're not a stylist but have space for a couple of storage bins, there's nothing wrong with having some extra items to cycle in and out of your decor to keep things fresh. We already do this with seasonal items so why not year round? I'm not endorsing hoarding here, I'm just thinking having a few pretty things on hand in case you move the furniture around, is not entirely a bad idea. I often think "Why did I ever get rid of that blank thing?" when I'm rearranging. I'm guilty of donating things I actually really like when I don't have a place for it in that moment.

I am, of course a maximalist. An organized maximalist, but definitely a maximalist. So none of these ideas are a far fetched for me. Thoughts?

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  1. It looks so homey! Love the white walls. I'm suddenly in love with white walls again after years of hating them.

    1. I am too! I used to feel the same way...then boom, I want white everywhere.

  2. I love the Pink Hutch!

  3. Oh my these photos are ones to study indeed. Stunning and full of life, LOVE it all!

  4. So many beautiful things, this space looks bright & joyful! I like the idea of displaying rather than hiding, and love when eyes are resting on fav things every time I happen to look around. Only one 'contra' -- the dust ... anyway, one 'pro' too -- we'll have an excuse to putterring with our treasures more often. ;)


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