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Bohemian Vintage Shops

Bohemian Vintage Shops

Bohemian Vintage Shops

When I am looking for vintage outfit inspiration I often head over to ETSY and stalk the many beautifully curated vintage shops to be found there. Tavin is without a doubt one of my absolute favorites. I recently came to find out that they also have a brick and mortar store in LA as well as a dedicated website, Tavin Boutique. 

From the site~ 

"Opened in 2009 in the bohemian enclave of Los Angeles' Echo Park, TAVIN Boutique is a colorful modern day gypsy caravan of a shop carrying well curated vintage clothing from Victorian era pieces through to present day, with most notably a strong collection of 1960s and 70s pieces. Tavin specializes in vintage bohemian and Gypset lifestyle clothing with an earthy bohemian and romantic vibe."

Sounds like my kind of heaven.  This shop is officially on my shopping bucket list, and I'm thinking I need one of those embroidered Baluch dresses from Afghanistan. They're dreamy aren't they? 



Justina Blakeney's Jungalow HQ

Bohemian Studio Space

What do you get when a multi talented designer creates her own studio? Magic. That's what. Such is certainly the case with Justina Blakeney's new studio space, Jungalow HQ. Always an inspiration, this lady does not disappoint with this delicious and mad envy-able studio.
The studio. The place where all types of artists dream of unleashing their wildest dreams. For designers-this means no more hiding all of your beautiful chotchkies, collectibles, textiles and art. It means displaying them with {organized} abandon. It means absolute color freedom! A place where one can experiment with and display their design aesthetic to the max. No holds barred.
It's like taking a private peek inside the brain of a designer, with all of their ideas concentrated in one fabulous location. A design fantasy land...sigh... I basically want every. single. thing. in these photos. Studio included. You?
Bohemian Studio Space

Bohemian Studio Space

Bohemian Studio Space
So what can we take home from this other than absolutely drool worthy photos? I have some ideas... Justina obviously has obscene styling talent and has a way with making things look effortlessly boho beautiful. She is also very skilled at choosing just the right furniture pieces to both store and display her gorgeous things.
Looking at these photos, I for one, am inspired to think of my storage situation differently. I always squirrel things away out of sight to hide visual clutter but I realize now that some things should and could be displayed in full view {if artfully arranged}. With the help of some well appointed storage pieces you can elevate your clutter to add beauty to your home.  Your "good" dishes, textiles, books, vases and dishes need not hide. Not at all.
Decorative boxes and baskets can take care of the not so pretty stuff while adding to your decor scheme as well {those pom-pom baskets are the bomb}.

I have closets and cupboards full of family treasures, and lovely things that I would love to have in full view all year long. You know- not just the couple times a year you use said item, like a cake stand for example. I fully plan on adding a pair of vertical shelves to showcase my hidden kitchen items and to give my storage more thought from now on.

Another thing I noticed is that stylists have a stash and aren't ashamed of it. If you're not a stylist but have space for a couple of storage bins, there's nothing wrong with having some extra items to cycle in and out of your decor to keep things fresh. We already do this with seasonal items so why not year round? I'm not endorsing hoarding here, I'm just thinking having a few pretty things on hand in case you move the furniture around, is not entirely a bad idea. I often think "Why did I ever get rid of that blank thing?" when I'm rearranging. I'm guilty of donating things I actually really like when I don't have a place for it in that moment.

I am, of course a maximalist. An organized maximalist, but definitely a maximalist. So none of these ideas are a far fetched for me. Thoughts?

{image sources Front & Main}



Plants In The Bedroom

It's that time of the year when I get indoor plants on the mind even more than usual.  There have officially been something like 2 weeks of Winter here in South Texas, and it's pretty freakin' chilly. Being cooped up inside makes me crave greenery and sunnier days, so I tend to get deep into my indoor gardening.  Plants just have this luscious effect on my moods, you? They are so calming, easy on the eye and do wonders for cleaning up your indoor air quality.

That makes me wonder why I don't have any plants in my bedroom. I guess I didn't really have the right spot for them. Now with a newly hung epic macrame plant hanger and a wooden shelf freshly installed, it's time to load em' up with some jungle vibes.  Knowing myself, I won't be able to stop with a couple and before you know it I'll have a full on conservatory going. With these dreamy images to get the mood going, I'm thinking I'm going to love it. I can't imagine why I hadn't done this earlier. It will be a little more like sleeping in an enchanted forest (which is always high on my goal list).

There isn't a huge amount of light in the bedroom, with only a pair of sliding glass doors letting in light. They do however face East, so they get plenty of morning and early afternoon light streaming in. Some plants that don't mind lower light conditions like ZZ Plant, Mother In Law's Tongue, Peace Lily and Heartleaf Philodendron should do well. A go-to trick I use in low light conditions, is to take clippings of the overgrown vines of my trailing plants and put them in little jars and vases full of water. They are nearly impossible to kill and only require you give them some fresh water every month or so. My multitudes of Pothos Plants work very well for this since they grow very quickly as long as they have plenty of water. They are easy to move on a whim too, so you can shuffle them around to whichever spot needs a little extra plant luv at the moment.

If you don't know much about house plants or are just looking for general info about them, I found this nifty site that breaks it all down for you. It is brimming with information and troubleshooting, with experts on hand to answer your questions. They even have an email service that reminds you when to water your plants. Now you have no excuses. Get planting!



Holistic New Year Resolutions- Looking Forward...

For the most part, I am not a fan of New Year Resolutions in the traditional sense.  I find that they tend to focus on the negative aspects of life and only temporary fixes for them.  I am more of a "baby steps in the right direction, all year long" type of person.
I do however embrace the clean slate given by the turning of the year and the chance to focus on what I would like to manifest in the year coming.  This year, more than ever I feel big changes coming in my life.  I practiced a lot of self care in 2014 and it has resulted in a far healthier and happier me. Which in turn has led me to what I can only describe as a greater state of mental clarity.
I have become much more focused on my goals and feel more courageous than I have in a very long time.  Giving birth probably contributed to this feeling {I'm a beast if I can do that right!?} but not feeling tired and shitty all the time helps too.  Cleaning up the toxins in my diet and personal care had a lot to do with this but that is an entire other post, perhaps even an entire other blog ;)
For the first time in my life I know definitively that I am in control of my destiny and I have the power to get where I want to go.  What a HUGE realization for me this has been.  So without further adieu here are my musings on my goals for the year coming and what you can expect to see here on GypsyYaya~

1. Make My Blog More Personal

I started this blog 3 1/2 years ago on a whim.  I knew very little about computers when I started out.  I knew even less about blogging.  All I knew was that I wanted to share beautiful ideas and things and be part of this uplifting online community.  I had just started following some mega inspirational blogs at the time and I wanted in on spreading the love.  So I took the plunge.
It has been a rocky road to say the least. I have learned a lot and still have a very long way to go.  I basically still don't have a clue what I'm doing most of the time.  I do however, have a clear picture in my mind of where I'd like GypsyYaya to go.  I talked a little about this awhile back, here.
I began blogging by sharing bohemian bits and pieces from here and there that I was into.  Things like editorials and interiors that were influencing my vibe at the time.  That was cool and all, but more and more I have been finding it hard to maintain an authentic tone without sharing more of my personal story.  So I'm going to start doing more of that.
I've already begun posting tidbits of my travels and glimpses into my home and a few diys. Next I plan to expand in that direction and maybe even share some outfit posts, recipes, thoughts and more snapshots from my perspective.  Yikes!  I'm usually a Super Shy and Introverted Person, so this is a big deal for me ya'll.

2. Create Family Traditions

My darling husband and I have been married for just over two years and our daughter recently turned one.  She is just getting to the age where she's more involved with what's really going on around her.  This year we will see her walking and talking and becoming more of a participating member of our little family unit.  It's time to start forming our own special Family Traditions. Things that we will look forward to each year as a family.  I want to fill her little memory up with as many magical and warming experiences as I possibly can.
I have always relished the opportunity to celebrate milestones, holidays {and everyday life!} creatively.  I can hardly wait to share them with my little one and of course here on GypsyYaya as well.  I've got some exciting ideas for the coming year and I'm looking forward to seeing the wonder in her little face.
We started last night with our {new} New Years Eve family friendly celebration.  I gathered every overstuffed blanket and cushion in the house and made a giant nest on the living room floor to watch the ball drop on tv.  I made our favorite new recipes of the year, homemade pizza & raw chocolate pudding. We snuggled up and ate yummy things while the baby danced to the performances. Then we tucked her into bed and toasted with a bottle of red by candlelight.  It was honestly way more fun than most New Years Eves I've ever had. Cheers to a new chapter in life!

3. Spend More Time Communing With Nature

We live in a Very Urban Environment.  In Houston, Texas to be exact.  While we are lucky to live in a relatively pretty and very slightly walk-able part of the city, all in all we get very little time soaking in the real outdoors.
My husband grew up in rural Minnesota and me in the rural-ist of rural, Nova Scotia, so we need to spend time in the forest. We want our daughter to experience the deep and satisfying connection to nature that we were so lucky to have grown up with. After our trip to Canada this past Summer our passion for spending time in the great outdoors was fueled even further.
With the baby getting to an age where we have a little more flexibility, it's time to go outside.  I'm not sure where this will take us yet but we are fortunate to have many gorgeous natural landscapes right here in Texas to explore. Hiking, swimming, camping fools we will be.

4. Nurture My Personal Time

Haha. I know this is a funny one with a little one, and you Moms out there are like "good luck with that sh*t".  But hear me out.  I'm going to attempt to use what little personal time I do have to do more enriching things. Until now nap times have been scrambling to get laundry done or whatever other domestic duty calls.  More and more I can get these things done while the babe is awake, so I'm going to dedicate me time to me.  At least whenever I can.  I have a stack of books that I cannot wait to get my hands on and an even bigger stack of art supplies that I need to bust out. With my new studio space all set up I have no excuse to let my creative projects languish in the corner any longer. The housework can wait. Well you know what I mean.

5. Learn To Cook {More} From Scratch

In my quest to become a healthier me I have changed my diet up big time and in the process I have been teaching myself to cook.  I mean really cook, real food from real, healthy,whole, organic ingredients.  The more I learn, the more I realize I need to make the foods I want to eat from scratch. I've already mastered the art of making various types of beans and grains from scratch but it's time to take it a step further.  It is soo worth it to have big batches of nourishing food on hand for a busy family.  So soups! Canning! Baking! Here. I. Come.  I have developed a passion for food and can't wait to share some healthy, affordable, do-able recipes with ya'll!

So that about sums up my thoughts on the subject. No New Year, new me. Just maybe... New Year, better me, better perspective, more livin' and doin'. Happy New Year Ya'll. May your year be full of love and light. Thanks for hanging out with me.