Sparkle & Shine DIY Festive Napkins

It's not too late for a last minute DIY to add some sparkle & shine to your holiday table. I made these quick and pretty napkins with the simplest of supplies- a set of thrifted green cloth napkins and a non-toxic, water based permanent paint pen (made for fabric). You may even have these things on hand already. These napkins are a bit fibrous, a smoother surface would have been better suited but they still came out lovely if I do say myself.
I've been wanting a set of cloth napkins with a bit more holiday shimmer and shine to jazz up my tablescape. Of course in my own fashion, I set about to do it as cheap as possible while reusing an item commonly found at the thrift store. Solid colored cloth napkins are just the thing- they are found in abundance in every thrift store, usually for a quarter each. I picked up these babies for a buck total. The pen $2. So yeah. Three dollas for a cute personalized touch to your decor ain't bad.
I went with a star and moon pattern because that is what my obsessive vision dictated, but I can imagine these in many other color/pattern combinations. You could do some feathers or arrows or even mandalas drawn from the center (oh! I'm doing those next!). The paint pens come in every color imaginable but I love the bit of shine from the gold. You can't quite tell from the photos, but these do have a lovely metallic sheen. My pattern is no where near perfect since I did them while entertaining a busy baby girl but I think that lends to the rustic old-worldy look of them.
The paint pens take a bit getting used to and you have to shake them often to keep the color even. Once I got the hang of it, they looked even better. Also the paint will bleed through the fabric a bit so be sure to unfold them completely and work on a surface you don't mind getting covered in paint. They dry very quickly and not a speck of paint came off when I ironed them afterwards. We'll see how they do once they are washed but as of now they seem like they will hold up nicely.
I'm going to make a few more in this pattern so I have a full holiday set for my Christmas and New Years table. Then I think I will make a few more to have on hand for gifts. How sweet and thoughtful of a hostess gift would these be? Cheers!


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