Paint The Walls!

Maybe it's because I'm a massive fan of street art and large scale pieces slathered across city walls or that I'm a color outside the lines {even on the walls} type of person.  Either way I'm loving this idea of painting beautiful designs directly on your walls. Whether it be in the folkloric style of the homes of Zalipie,  intricate lacy scenes or these more modern blocks of vivid color...I love them all.

This idea would especially suit a challenging space in need of adornment where you just can't hang art for one reason or another (huge wall/no budget. brick walls, cramped hallway, tiny kitchen?)
The unexpected and free feeling of these rooms have me thinking of where I could use this idea in my own home. Seriously though-how fun and rewarding would a project like this be? If you don't have the nerve to free hand a fresco yourself, you could always use a stencil or have a talented friend do one for you. What do you think? Are you digging these ideas too?


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