DIY Boho Pompom Garland in 10 Minutes!

I've started my holiday season decorating and it has got me thinking that I need to make more of my own decorations.  I find that it's nearly impossible to find non-traditional holiday decor that suits my home and style sensibility.  I like a mix of vibrant hues and a bit of a bohemian modern twist for my holiday decorating scheme, which is not so easy to find, so I came up with these easy and quick diy boho pompom garlands.

I had a couple bags of pompoms from the craft store leftover from when I made some pretty embellishments for my daughters first birthday.  I'm a sucker for garlands and pompoms and use them at every opportunity, so I thought I'd combine the two and whip up a few pompom garlands. They'll add the perfect amount of bling strung around my tree and draped here and there for extra shimmer and shine.

I chose the sparkly tinsel jewel toned pompoms cuz that's my jam, but there are loads of other color options. You could use the pastel or traditional green/white/red  pompoms or whatever suits your taste. These garlands look super festive and give major impact for minimal investment, a win all the way. I made multiple strings of them in one evening and now they are dripping from every available location in my humble abode. They are fun to make and they are SO FUN to decorate with. They just look so happy and cute don't they?

I have a few more diy holiday decor ideas up my sleeve coming soon <3 Cheers!



  1. Oh my gosh that is TOO awesome and so simple!!

  2. Thanks Hollie! They are crazy fun too (and addictive)


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