Time For Tartan

Maybe it is the upcoming festive season or perhaps my recent visit to my family home in Nova Scotia, either way something has got me on this vintage tartan kick in a major way. To be honest, I've actually been stalking vintage tartan scarves online for months now. I finally came across the perfect specimen the other day in a thrift store for next to nothing. SCORE. It's in my closet with my new wide brimmed black wool hat just waiting for the Texas weather to cooperate. It may never happen...

Then, the thrifting gods smiled down upon me again and I found a tartan tablecloth and napkin set with gold glittering threads for the holidays. So {for now} my craving may be fulfilled. Maybe. It's just such a classic and cozy thing this plaid. And a little romantic isn't it? There's plenty of vintage tartan to be found still, since it has stood the test of time and stayed around in one way or another through the years. Pieces from the 60s and 70s are what are catching my eye at the moment. Funny how they can still look so ageless, even after all this time.

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  1. Waiting for a chance to wear my new (old) tartan jacket...


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