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Do you have home decor items that you just can't get enough of?  Things that no matter how many you have you still can't resist picking up another one?  Yeah.  Me too.  I didn't really realize I was quite as predictable as I am until I met my husband a few years ago.   I would come home from my thrifting adventures and he would say without fail  "Oh, another _____ {basket/throw pillow/candle holder etc} we needed another one of those."  He's joking of course, I know that he really actually loves every dusty 70s artifact I drag home.
It did get me thinking though, I am certainly a creature of habit when it comes to decorating our home. So, just for fun I started hunting around our little hippie house and grouping things together.  It made me realize that {1} I have more un-intentional collections than I thought and {2} I totally get off on cataloging and listing things {3} These would make some very groovy photos.
So, I started a little on-going theme on my GypsyYaya Insta  account called #Interior Addictions.  So whenever I identify one of my "addictions" I'm going to post them there.  FUN.  I can think of at least 10 more groupings I probably have at this moment.  I'd love to see some of your collections too, so if you have some vintage addictions to share, hash tag them #interioraddictions.  I'd love to have a peek!



  1. I love the colourful baskets, and pillows and what's in the first pic! Enjoyed your insta pics too!

  2. I have just discovered your blog and fallen in love. I admit to having an obsessive personality....and your blog is my new obsession. Just loving it!


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