Inspiration For A Beautiful Bohemian Thanksgiving

I am a Mamma to a very busy little one who just turned 1 a month ago. So that generally does not afford me gallons of time to think up, let alone execute all of my festive fantasies. This year I am looking to my favorite blogs and {of course} dear sweet Pinterest to inspire my holiday schemes. How much of it I will actually manage to pull off remains to be seen. But I will certainly try. 
For those of you in need of some inspo to kick off the season with a Thanksgiving bang here is a roundup of ideas to get the ball rolling. All of the recipes and tablescapes happen to work with a Christmas groove too with a little tweaking, so there ya' go. 

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My secret to finding the BEST inspiration for party decor and tablescapes? Wedding Blogs. I know, some of you are thinking...puke. Hear me out though. If you check out some of the more non-traditional sites with a bohemian bend, there are endless ideas to be had. Not everything is all pink and ruffles either, all seasons are represented and there are just so. many. creative. ideas. Almost always vintage props are used and romance, whimsy and just general gorgeousness abounds.  I don't know about you but I need heavy doses of romance and whimsy in order to survive. I'm mental like that. The holidays are the perfect excuse for me to dive in to a glittering fairy tale world full of magic and not come out until January 1st. So one must decorate.

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Onto Cocktails. If you are going to have a headache the next day,you might as well make it worth it. These beauties look like something the fairies would be sipping on and are so pretty they could be considered an accessory to your outfit. It helps that they can all be made in big batches or virgin for the non-imbibers too. These recipes each have a healthy{er}spin since they use real fruit ingredients too. Cool. 

Wild Mushroom Soup // Pumpkin Walnut Bread // Sweet Potato Gnocchi // Brussels Sprout Tart // Cranberry Couscous Salad // Camembert With Pomegranate & Figs

Who says that in order to be thankful we must be tied to a traditional menu? I adore the Earthy offerings of the Fall season and there are so many other luscious recipes that would create a spectacular spread. Most of my family would revolt {including my husband} if we had an all out non-traditional menu but there is nothing wrong with injecting some new dishes. They too, provide some variety for us non-meat eaters, so we are not stuck just eating mashed potatoes. Which happens. 

As far as dessert, I am tied to making my sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie for all eternity but I might give coconut whipped cream a try this year to go on top. So what about ya'll? Do you adhere strictly to tradition when it comes to Thanksgiving or do you have your own non-traditional ideas of how things should go down? I'd love to hear it. 


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