Full Moon Blessings

And there it went.  My first year with my heart living outside my body in the form of a perfect blessing from the Universe; my daughter Storey Mae.  A newborn only yesterday it seems and now crawling all over, pulling her self up to stand and about to walk at any moment.  Seasoned traveler who already took her first tadpole swims in the Springs of Texas and wild Nova Scotian Ocean.  She loves strawberries, watermelon and sweet potato and demands that her adoring Daddy carry her around the house a minimum of 8 hours a day.  Ha!  She claps and sings and waves to the dog, the cats and sometimes even the plants (who am I to argue?)  She rocks my world, this sweet child o' mine and I tear up just thinking how much more awesome is to come.
She woke on the night of her birth to the Full Moon and we spent 2 hours together snuggling under the covers in the dark.  I whispered her birth story to her and she fell asleep on my chest.  Our very own secret celebration before a family party tomorrow.
What more can I ask for when I have this babe, healthy and happy?  She is the ultimate reason to do all I can to help make the World a more pure, peaceful and beautiful place.  Blessed to the max over here guys, with my heart in a million pieces on the floor.
Be back soon with some pretty party pics.  I managed to pull together the decor almost entirely from lovely bits and pieces I had squirreled away.  Vivid colors mixed with vintage lace and some pom-poms for good measure.  A nod to Day of the Dead celebrations just around the corner.  See you soon<3


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