5 Unexpected Collections To Decorate Your Walls

I'm all about big, bright & colorful impact with minimal monetary investment. If I can re-use something I already have or source it by thrifting even better. These 5 ideas for using unexpected collections to create large scale wall art are all of the above. I  just wish I had enough wall space to pull all of them off in my own space.
Vibrant Mexican Shopping Bags are adorned with various lovely prints from Frida to the Virgin of Guadalupe.  Easily found for a song at thrift stores or Ebay, they make for a modern looking collection when hung in groupings of 4 or more. These lightweight bags are perfect to jazz up a rental kitchen wall and you can take one down to use when you're heading to the market or the beach. You could even take it a step further by hanging them on sturdy hooks and storing produce, dishtowels and other kitchen essentials in them. Or use them in the bathroom to hang rolled towels within reach. // image via
I've always thought of bulletin/cork boards as inspiration in the studio or office, but a Giant Sized Cork Board like this one, covered in all your favorite pictures can be a more formal artistic focal point for your living room too. Bonus-you can change it whenever you like without marking up the walls and even create holiday themed arrangements. // via
Vintage Record Sleeve groupings displayed on simple wood rails can fill as large or small of a space as you need. They are at every thrift store for a couple bucks a piece, so you could reasonably create a display of this size for well under $50. Just keep to a similar theme and color story for a well edited display. // via
Am I the only one who hates to part with my pretty Calender Pages at the end of the year? I always choose my calender carefully and I'm sure I have at least 3 stashed away somewhere begging for a chance to re-use them. Framed in simple matching frames and gathered on a wall like this is the perfect reason not to toss your 2014 calender while filling a large empty wall. You could keep the thrifty recycling train going and buy various frames (of the same size) at tag sales and spray paint them all the same color for unity. I'm loving the gold frames as used here. Heck, you can toss caution to the wind and buy one new, it will still be a mega budget friendly project.
Another great idea- hanging a Collection of Art Zines or in my case, Concert Flyers. I have a pretty sizable hoard of nearly every show I attended in New Orleans over the years and I have never thought of displaying them for some reason. My local home improvement store has some hot pink twine that is begging to be part of this too. // via
This has got me thinking of a million other things that can be re-purposed as wall art. Do ya'll have any collections/ unexpected items you are using this way?


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