Apartment Therapy's Room For Color Contest!

Hi guys!  So I decided to enter my living room in Apartment Therapy's Room For Color Contest and I won't even lie, I kinda wanna win now.  I originally did it to motivate me to finally finish decorating this place and photographing it before we end up moving (like with the last place we lived).  Now that I pulled everything together and entered, I'm all like "winning would be kinda awesome".

So if ya'll like what you see and want to help a sista out, head on over to Apartment Therapy to see the other shots and vote for me!  And then enjoy blessings from the Universe for doing a good thing.
Each and every one of your votes make a BIG difference!

Click HERE for the link to my space where you can favorite my entry. It only takes a minute at most!

Thanks lovelies , ya'll are The Best ;)

xoxo- Andrea


  1. You got my vote! You have a great way of decorating! Love the colours!

  2. Thank you Donna <3 So very kind of you, I'm thrilled you like it and voted!!


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