More is More ~ Floral Wallpaper

I'm hopefully back from neglecting the blog for a good part of the Summer. I've had an awful case of allergies and also a crisis of confidence after entering my living room in Apartment Therapy's Room For Color Contest. The allergies are simmering down now and over-all the confidence crisis is as well. I'm mostly thrilled to have pictures of my space posted on AT but it has also made me realize I have a lot I can do better. It has been a Major learning curve and an enlightening experience.

A few things that I've realized are:
1. I need a new camera.  A real one.
2. Every single design photo you see online has been obsessively styled and staged (even things that look effortlessly tossed together). I knew this but didn't realize to what degree. So don't feel bad about your own place. Ever. Nobodies house looks perfect and fabulous all the time. Nobodies.
3. Looking at my own space on Apartment Therapy gave me a sense of pride (I'm doing well for my first try) but also a sense that More is always More and I need to add so much more to be happy with it. Bookshelves are going up as we speak.
4. I would just LOVE to own a home, so I can do as I wish with it, like wallpapering an entire wall with over the top, tropical floral wall paper. Or paint all my walls in Super White or Whatever I Want to do. My rental restrictions, beige walls and plastic vertical blinds that I can't take down are driving me mental. Fingers crossed we can do something about that sometime soon.
5. I'm a Mom to an 11 month old baby, so I'm doing good if the laundry is done. So whatever if I don't ace it this time. I'm busy right?

That is all.

I am (and everyone else in my category is) currently being trounced by some Over Achiever with a Perfect Laundry Room. Which I might add is wallpapered in colorful floral wallpaper. It really is gorgeous. I wish I could do it all over again, there is so much I would do to boost my entry. It's not about the prize, it's more about the trying to get better at what I do. So. Ya.
There is still some time to vote (For me. Ahem.) so if you haven't already I'm going to shamelessly ask you Here. Thanks.

P.S. I'm now obsessed with that weird vintage gator print over the bed in the picture above. It is so awesome. If you know where to find one, please tell me.

xoxo- Andrea


Apartment Therapy's Room For Color Contest!

Hi guys!  So I decided to enter my living room in Apartment Therapy's Room For Color Contest and I won't even lie, I kinda wanna win now.  I originally did it to motivate me to finally finish decorating this place and photographing it before we end up moving (like with the last place we lived).  Now that I pulled everything together and entered, I'm all like "winning would be kinda awesome".

So if ya'll like what you see and want to help a sista out, head on over to Apartment Therapy to see the other shots and vote for me!  And then enjoy blessings from the Universe for doing a good thing.
Each and every one of your votes make a BIG difference!

Click HERE for the link to my space where you can favorite my entry. It only takes a minute at most!

Thanks lovelies , ya'll are The Best ;)

xoxo- Andrea


Bleucoin Tile Decals

SHUT THE F...ront door.  Renters Rejoice!  Do you even realize what you're looking at here?  No, those are NOT fabulous ceramic tiles handmade in exotic locations that you can't have because you're renting and your kitchen sucks your will to live.  No.  No.
These are Removable Tile Decals.  Yep, you heard it right.  You can place these over the ugly tile that you thought you'd never get rid of.  In your kitchen, in your bathroom, on your stairs even! You can even stick them directly on your walls, or your cupboards or wherever you want to give the appearance of tile and add some character.

I have been tortured by the Ugliest Rental Kitchen Ever for the last two years and I think this just may be the answer to my woes.  My counter tops are blue and I'm thinking some of these tile decals as a back-splash will make that seem much less tragic and little more like it should have happened.  It couldn't get any worse,  I know that.
They come in all sizes and even do custom orders.  Now, which to choose. Talavera? Turkish? Morrocan? Potuguese?
I'm going to order myself some soon and I will let you know how it goes.  Or if you beat me to it, let me know how it goes. Cool?
You can find them here in the Bleucoin shop on ETSY. They are located in India but ship worldwide with express shipping. And they are totally affordable and removable.  I don't know about you but I am super pumped about these things. Wish me luck...

Update (Jan/24/2015) ~ Hi folks! Did you make it here from Pinterest? Welcome & good news! Bleucoin is sending me some of their lovely Turkish style tile decals to update my kitchen at this very moment. I will be posting about the process and of course sharing lots of after pictures in the very near future. Follow GypsyYaya on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest to be the first to know when the post is up! And of course you can follow my blog on Bloglovin or save GypsyYaya to your favorites!
If you like these tiles, chances are you will like my other posts too. So why not stay awhile and have a look around :) Enjoy!

**Update Update! (Feb/9/15) ~ I have completed my beautiful boho mini kitchen re-do with my Bleucoin tile decals. It turned out AMAZING! Check it out the full story plus tile review Right Here

*Bonus Update!  I just completed yet another project using these fabulous tile decals. This time on my fireplace! Check it out HERE.

P.S. I love to read comments, so please don't hesitate to say hello!

xoxo- Andrea