Kitsch Bitsch Bohemian Vintage Lace Dresses

I've been an admirer of the bohemian vintage lace dress creations of Australia based Kitsch Bitsch Vintage for some time now.   I stalk their site on a semi-regular basis and daydream about getting married to my husband all over again just so I can wear one of these amazing dresses.  I was recently re-reminded of them, when I peeped this rad wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. The bride absolutely rocks one of these dresses with the Most Perfect Shoes imaginable and my love affair was re-ignited. Again.
I'd thought I'd share some of their pieces with ya'll along with some pattern swatches for a little extra eye candy. That way, You Too can become obsessed with them and spend ridiculous amounts of time imagining each dress and the entire wedding and color story to go with it.
You are welcome.
They also make pieces other than wedding dresses and some of their short dresses could be worn for other occasions, so there is something for those of us not getting married or remarried anytime soon.  I tried to add a source for the patterns where possible, but most of them were pictures I've had in my photo hoard for ages and can't find a link.  A few more tidbits that make these dresses even more yummy-
They are made from vintage and antique lace that was made on machines that don't even exist anymore. I mean, how romantic is that? They are fabulously affordable compared to many options out there and they make custom orders. Also this nugget I took from the Kitsch Bitsch blog...

"Have you ever looked through a pile of wedding magazines and thought, “OMG I HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH THIS ENTIRE WORLD”?
You are not alone. In fact you may be a free spirit, unbound by social norms, disheartened by traditional wedding gowns and the commercial extravaganza  (my own wedding dress cost $90 and I burped my wedding vows).
You walk in the direction of your dreams, choosing the path less traveled. Perhaps you are a creative soul, you follow your heart not your head. You may be a restless gypsy, a nomad who believes in freedom, and love without possession." 
If that doesn't make you want one, nothing will. Oh, and no I'm not being compensated for this post. I just think these dresses rock and that you should see them :) 

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