Summer Kitchens

Bohemian Outdoor Summer Kitchens

Bohemian Outdoor Summer Kitchens
Cooking two huge batches of beans from scratch in the last couple of days has got me thinking about outdoor kitchens, or Summer kitchens.  Even with the AC pumping it still turns my entire place into an oven and I can't help but thinking I should be doing this outside.
In the days before air conditioning, when people had to process large amounts of food on the homestead they did just that. In a so called "Summer Kitchen" - a smaller kitchen, often open aired with a roof, in which to do the big batch cooking like the canning and baking during the busy season of Summer.  It kept the heat out of the house and I imagine keeping the flames and the mess away from the house was a concern as well.

So, I got to thinking I wouldn't mind having one one day.  Not a giant built in granite/stainless steel modern monstrosity...but a cute little space with a hot plate, a sink, some shelves and some shade.  These kitchens above could all easily be put together with some re-purposed shelving and pallets,  then decorated to your hearts desire with some thrifted goodies.  It would be lovely to whip up a little dinner al fresco in one of these kitchens wouldn't it?

And just for fun, here is an image I found of a Southern Summer kitchen as they were long ago. Kinda cool huh?

Historical Southern Summer Kitchen

Happy 4th Ya'll. Have fun and be safe.


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    1. They would fit right in at the Summer house right?

  2. Ah yes, we used to cook outside...under the house
    (it was lifted like 10 feet off the ground, so that wasn't much of a problem :)

  3. Here in the NorthEast a lot of the old Victorian houses had big gas stoves in the basement. A wonderful Italian neighbor of mine years ago was still using her big gas stove in her basement in the summer to make her delicious stuffed peppers. The peppers were fresh from her garden and she always made a batch for me with no meat. She had that basement stove going all Summer!

    1. Cool! Love stuffed peppers...and from an old stove-even better!


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