Reader Appreciation Giveaway! ~ Home & Heart Book

As as way to show my appreciation for those of you out there that read my blog,  I decided to gift one of my favorite interiors books, Home & Heart to one of you.  It's not a new book by any means,  but it remains to date, the most inspirational home interiors book I have ever read.  It is about so much more than the aesthetics of a home,  but rather the HEART of a home and all that goes into creating a home with intention.
It is beautifully written and broken down into chapters that ensconce all of the senses and aspects of a spiritually fulfilling and holistic home.  The images are soulful and fresh although it was written and photographed several years ago.  I return to it to renew my perspective often and it continues to inspire me each time I read it.  It is the perfect book to keep on your coffee table and open from time to time, to enjoy with a cup of tea/wine. (After you have read it from cover to cover multiple times of course)

It is a wealth of information and touches on many things that I had never even conceived of when I first picked it up 15 years ago.  It probably is one of the single most instrumental books in inspiring my approach to decorating and living.

At some point I thought I had lost my copy of Home & Heart and freaked out.  I ordered another gently used copy online because it no longer seems to be in bookstores, then later found my original.
Now,  lucky for one of you,  I have two!
So- I will make it simple.  Visit the post HERE where I wrote a little about what Holistic Decor means to me and leave me a comment there. That's it!  I will be announcing the winner one week from today at the bottom of this post so stay tuned!  Good Luck!  Oh, and did I mention I love you guys?  Thanks for being here and reading my rants.  You.  Are.  The.  Greatest.  <3

P.S. This giveaway is open to followers in the U.S. & Canada only. Sorry guys :)


Congrats to the winners! This giveaway is now closed <3


  1. I so totally agree with everything you said in your previous post about what holistic decor means to you. At the risk of sounding repetative, I make my home a more holistic place by furnishing with mostly yard sale, auction and gifted items. Plants, plants and more plants. When the cold weather comes here in Canada, I fill my home with plants. All my cactus come inside to their special shelf for the winter. Tables are filled with plants close to the windows to soak up the sun. I layer rugs that I love and that " I " think are beautiful (a bit faded, a bit worn, but obviously loved). If I love it then I can find a place for it !!! When I'm in my home I feel so calm and peaceful ..... my son comes home regularly and tells me he "recharges" when he's home.

  2. Indeed... and well said. Decorating with thrifted treasures that reflect each and everyone in the home. Butterflies on the wall to symbolize transformation, a bowl of glass doorknobs to symbolize opportunity in the many doors open to us, vibrant colors to express emotion, mirrors to be reminders of self reflection always...etc.etc I LOVE Gypsy Yaya! Always feel the love and intention. Inspired always, Thank you, xoxo

    p.s. would LOVE to win this book and continue adorning my home. Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. Hoooray!!!! Thank you, Andrea :)

  3. Thanks Andrea !!!


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