How To Pull Off A Vintage Gallery Wall

I recently put the finishing touch on my Vintage Gallery Wall above my couch and wanted to share the finished product with ya'll.  I also wanted to share a couple of tips on how to create a Vintage Gallery Wall that looks cohesive and well thought out, and not a crazy jumble like the walls of a junk shop, which could easily happen when using all vintage pieces.
The most important thing to remember is to keep a common theme, or several common themes, like I did.  A few uniting factors go a long way in making your pieces look like they belong together.  My reoccurring aspects are- era (the 70's),  color (blues, amber, b&w),  materials (wood, brass), frames (silver) and theme (natural elements like feathers, bird, leaves, tree etc).

Varying sizes and shapes keep things interesting.  A couple of large pieces anchor everything down and keep your gallery wall from looking too busy with no place for your eye to land. The 70s modern framed poster was my jump-off piece that inspired the entire wall.  I found all the pieces in thrift stores or on ETSY.

Most importantly- everything you use should be pieces you love and that have meaning to you.  I recently purged some wall art that I had been hanging onto that I didn't love/had no real meaning to me.  It made what I did keep seem all that more special.  The three zodiac plaques are mine,  my husbands and our baby daughter's astrological signs.  They even say our signs are attracted to one another- pretty cute huh?  As always, nature is a theme in our home, so the natural elements represent something loved and personal as well.  I think the cool color scheme does a good job of balancing the fire of the red couch too.

So what do ya'll think? Are you into the gallery wall idea or do you prefer to let your wall art stand alone? I'm always a more is more kinda gal myself : )



  1. Love it! More is always the answer!

  2. Love the mixture of colors, styles and the use of materials! Very Artistic!

  3. I'm going to be taking some photographs of my gallery wall and working on another one, too, this summer. Yours is gorgeous. Really thoughtful and whimsical.


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