My Obsession With Vintage Couches

It is no secret that I am crazy about all things vintage.  Do you wanna know what makes me REALLY excited in particular? It's an excellent specimen of a vintage couch.  I'm a little (a lot) obsessed with them. Especially couches of the vintage, mid-century, velvet in a delightful shade genre.  

For some reason I have been finding them everywhere on my thrifting and bargain hunting trips lately.  It takes every bit of my restraint to not buy them. I mean, I recently saw one in shimmering champagne velvet with a gorgeously modern/slim profile- in perfect condition.  It was freaking fantastic and might as well been free, it was such a good deal ($25). I honestly cannot stop thinking about it. 

Thrifting remorse. It's when you don't buy something superb and then regret it for months/years afterward. That couch is on the list now. Along with a giant Turkish rug (FOR $35)- What was I thinking!? And a '70s green glass geometric terrarium (FOR $3.99). They will all forever haunt me in my dreams. 

I suppose it is a good thing that I don't have the space to hoard vintage couches and furniture because I most certainly would. I want to own them all. Though I'm not ready to trade out my precious red velvet couch (above) quite yet.  My entire decor scheme depends on it and I'm more than a little attached.  Sure,  I must accept, that the day will soon come when it will need to be replaced. It's only about 40 years old, has been through 5 moves, and my 2 cats and dog unfortunately adore it as much as I do. But not yet. 

Oh how I would love to have a proper brick and mortar shop so I could feed my addiction and foster all the vintage furniture, if only for a while. 

Ahhhh, the vintage couch. So much fabulous. So little space. They were awesome then. And they are even more awesome now. 
I would rock every single one of these babies so hard. That circular floral masterpiece? Set in an ultra white space with some modern and black accents would be SO MUCH FUN. Those two funky plaid beauties say Surf Shack all the way. I'd snatch anyone of these beauties up in a hot second. Along with every other item in these rooms.

Then there are vintage sofas in modern rooms. They just work. No bohemian/eclectic space is complete without one. Every time I see a living room I love, it always boils down to the sofa. (That icy blue mini sofa on that spicy orange wall though!) Maybe I could fit a teeny one like that in somewhere. I would try.
They just make a room don't they? You really don't need much else when you have a vintage couch with great lines as your foundation. Here's a couple of beauties I manged to snap a photo of recently. They are so often in amazing condition! I guess that's because of the now mostly lost tradition of the "formal living room" with furniture no one was ever really allowed to sit on. Thank goodness for that. These couches may not have survived until now otherwise...


I was seriously tempted by this one too. It could fit in nicely with my boho scheme of things. It was $75. I'm always a huge fan of hideous shades of green and chartreuse. What's not to love!? I'd rent an upholstery cleaner and clean it first, for piece of mind. But ya. So good.


I know this nearly neon plaid one is a stretch but hear me out. If I had a beach cottage/surf shack situation like the one on the right I would furnish it with this type of thing for sure. You know- macrame, crochet blankets, old quilts, rag rugs, and plants. Funky technicolor '70s surfer granny chic all the way. Oh yeah I'd do it. Did I mention it was $25 and it's a hideaway bed? Double whammy right there. This couch suits my other hidden design personality that is longing for a beach cottage so I can release the beast. Someday...

What do ya'll think?
To vintage couch or not to vintage couch?



  1. Vicki K5/15/2014

    We are getting ready to move and I don't think we will be taking our old sofa with us. I'm really hoping we can find a vintage one in great shape. You just can't beat the style they bring to a room. Vintage all the way!

  2. Vicki~ I will pray to the thrifting gods to help you find one! :)

  3. Mmm, nice finds, Andrea! I love velvet sofas! Only they shouldn't be too bulky and better should be low! :) I especially love those with intensive velvet ornamenting. Ahhh, and lots of cushions on!! :D
    I'm now deciding about my recently found dream sofa-- forget of it or, crazy me!, save up.. don't know for how long! ))
    it's here, if you'd like to see:

    I'd head on to a thrift bazaar for a consolation prize, but alas... not a one nearby.. :)

    You baby-sofa is attractive, i like the colour too!

  4. Oh Zara! That is a beauty of a couch! What a color!

  5. these! Especially the room with the fireplace.

    My own fave is the beige crushed velvet tufted sofa in my mother's living room....circa 1979 :)

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  7. I have a massive sectional from the 60’s and in great condition, I love it. It’s very similar colours to the green and chartreuse couch you showed above just a different pattern, not velvet and the colours are a tad more pale. I have no idea how to decorate the rest of my living room around it, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it, I’m too obsessed. I literally don’t even know what colours of cushions to get to go with it. Any thoughts or ideas??


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