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Flowers and plants are my favorite things ever.  I have been enamored with them ever since I can remember. I adored the talking flowers in Alice In Wonderland, oh and the 80s cartoon Rose Petal Place?  The Best.  And we can't forget about the magical forest in Legend

I spent my early childhood in an extremely rural part of Canada  (Google Maps has barely even been there yet)  and grew up running wild in the forest from sun-up to sun-down.  It was Heavenly.  As beautiful and lush as it is there in the Spring and Summer, the other 7-8 months of barren cold were torture for me.

I became obsessed with images of the colorful and tropical evergreen scenery of Southern climes.  Once I visited the Southern United States and Central America, that was it for me.  I knew I had to move.  Not just for the flora and fauna but for the heat, the sun and year round beauty.  Then as luck would have it, my family had an opportunity to move to the ever lush city of New Orleans.  That was many many years ago and here I am now in Houston, still crazed by flowers on the daily. 

I can have a garden year round!  Most of the trees don't lose their leaves!  The grass stays green!  These things never get old to me and are necessary for my sanity and well being.  Not just that, they constantly drive my inspiration.  Nature's bounty is my biggest inspiration of all things.  Lush greenery and tropical hues make me swoon.  New to me, interesting species make me giddy. Don't even get me started on fruits, veggies and herbs. I even just bought a flower press so I can press and preserve some of my favorite floral specimens. My little rental home is stuffed to plant capacity- inside and out. The day I own a house, I pledge that my garden will be bananas.  Cornball pun intended.


With this preoccupation of mine,  I can't help but snap pictures of the plant life and flowers everywhere I go and then sharing them on my LaGypsyYaya Instagram account. Those are a few of my floral photos at the top of the page. And of course, the verdant gardens and balconies of New Orleans are one of my favorite subjects, below.

Then there are so many beautiful kindred spirits with the floral fever. These are a couple of my faves. Both tremendously inspirational women with blogs and Instagram accounts that help feed my need for beauty.

Justina Blakeney is fabulous in all she does and everything botanical is always in heavy rotation in her world. Her #bloomsonblack and #facethefoliage series are both amazing.  This image from #bloomsonblack is hands down my favorite. The Queen Anne's Lace looks just like a tiny brilliant firework doesn't it? How visually stunning the colors and shapes against a black background are. I would love to have every one of them as a print.


Daughterofthesun's deeply Earth connected feed is candy for the third eye. Her images are both spiritual and spectacular. And her flower mandalas are trippy technicolor perfection. The geometry and mindfulness of arranging the delicate and colorful blossoms is so artfully delicious!
I've been meaning to create some mandalas of my own and maybe some faces of foliage as well. They both seem like extremely fun and zen like endeavors don't they?

Happy Spring to those of ya'll in the North finally feeling some botanical love after that loooong Winta. Anyone have a similar obsession? I'd love to check out some new Instagram accounts, with a plantie twist.



  1. Anonymous5/23/2014

    I recently found your blog and I LOVE it. This is just beautiful!! The entire blog is endless beauty, I want to tell everyone!

  2. Thank You Anon, so glad you are here...whoever you are ;)! It makes me so very happy to hear someone enjoys what I'm doing here. Sending you love!

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