Mystery Boho Bedroom & Metamorphosis


I know I've been seriously MIA lately and that it's pretty lame abandoning my dear blog this way...  BUT...
It is mainly because I think Gypsy Yaya is undergoing a bit of a metamorphosis.  Not that I'm changing directions or becoming minimalist or anything crazy like that.  What I have been thinking a lot about is my focus and direction and taking blogging more seriously.  Maybe I have a bit of Spring Fever, and it's got me thinkin all new and fresh.  I have been busy composing a loooonngg and involved post describing this in detail and have a few more tweaks before I feel I can share it with ya'll.  In the meantime just think of Gypsy Yaya as a chrysalis blog in it's cocoon, soon to emerge a butterfly.  Sounds groovy right?

So that being said, does anybody out there know where this picture came from?  I found it while "Pinteresting" and just LUUV it!  I have searched high and low and haven't found its' source anywhere.  I would love to know who this fellow maximalist person is and what the rest of their space looks like.  I can tell I would deeply dig it.  I'm guessing it was lifted from someones Instagram feed.  If anyone knows-please help!
Later Lovers


Update! Thank you gorgeous Taylor of Onyx-Eye for letting me know this is the bedroom of Brit Nason of Disarming Darling.! I realize now that I have been coveting this very same room for a minute. Haha.


  1. This is Britney Nason's room ( @britdisarming) and I'm obsessed with it too! She has an incredible sense for interior decor!!!

    <3 Taylor

  2. Aha! Thank you Taylor Babe! I thought it looked familiar, I've seen her room from another angle before. It is just SO GOOD. Cheers gorgeous!


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