Janis's Vintage Chic Apartment Tour - Part Four

Time for the fourth and final installment of Janis's Vintage Chic Apartment Tour. Which, if you don't already know was decorated almost entirely from thrift stores and/or for free.  Her place is Super Inspirational!  Seeing what she has achieved style wise with a tiny budget and a huge amount of creativity, determination and patience has put a fire under my butt to do the same. I thought I was the Queen of thrifty design but I think she's got me beat!  Her decorating style is not what you would expect to see in a thrifted home, she has the glamorous yet down to Earth "High Style" look down pat (she's a bit of a 30s movie star type).  I have always admired her ability to live beautifully and create gorgeous and comfortable environments and this apartment {as usual} did not disappoint.

 You can visit the other rooms in her home at the links at the end of this post. Enjoy!

PART FOUR - The Bedroom & Bath

 My bedroom is on the small side but it has great bones (hardwood floors/nice molding) and plenty of light from 2 large windows. A great foundation for a relaxing and pretty bedroom oasis.  I'm never afraid of filling a room with furniture to get maximum use out of the space. In this case I fit a double bed, dresser, bookshelf, 2 side tables, a chair and even a desk that doubles as both an office and a vanity area. I kept my color palate in tune with the rest of my apartment with my favorite combination of blues, white and pops of pink and animal print. 

All said and done I'd say I spent about $1500 to furnish and decorate my ENTIRE apartment so far. No word of a lie. I know. I'm awesome. With all of the finishing touches and maybe a few upgrades here and there I doubt I'll go over $2000. Not bad at all right?

That about wraps up Janis's Vintage Chic Apartment Tour!  I hope ya'll enjoyed it and came away with lots of ideas for decorating on a budget and are inspired to do a little treasure hunting yourselves.  Make sure to check out the other 3 parts if you haven't already. Just click on the links below.
 I'll be back pronto with some more cool stuff I have lined up to share with ya'll :) Maybe I'll even {finally) share some pictures of my home.  If I EVER feel like it's finished enough to share. Haha. It will happen. Soon. Promise.

Update: Janis recently purchased an 1854 farmhouse and started a new blog Big Rory Road to share the process of bringing it back to it's former glory. You can check out her new journey full of creative and vintage loveliness HERE.



  1. Wow what a great job you did with all of your blog post's. I really enjoyed following my transformation of my Apartment through your eyes. Well I am already thinking about a move soon (the Gypsy is calling). I may have a whole new move/reno to share in the future! Can't wait to see some more pics of your home!


  2. It's always such a Rush to Create a Vision from a Blank Canvas. Job well done. I'm presently making a Fantasyscape come to Life in my Art Studio Cottage Makeover that I reclaimed after The Son moved out. It's nice to have a Creative Space back to Retreat to and Style with Reckless Abandon.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Once again, such a fabulous creative touch ...I love what you have been able to do with the apartment and is a credit to you and your creativeness :)

  4. Janis-
    Thanks! Glad You think I did your space justice :)Keep me posted on thoughts on a new place!

  5. Dawn- That sounds delicious! I will be keeping an eye open to see your creative space come to fruition!


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