"Ray Of Sunshine" Organic Juice Recipe

   In the dark months of Winter our bodies' immune systems struggle to maintain optimum health.  Especially those of you in Northern Climes  (I feel for you right now ya'll. I know all too well how brutal these final weeks of cold, grey days are).  Vitamin packed fruits and veggies are just what our bodies need for a rejuvenating boost and this fresh Organic juice recipe does just that.  This is my Go To Winter juice recipe. I find myself craving it's refreshing, invigorating flavor and make a small jug at least once a week.

  The ingredients are affordable and I always have them on hand, so I replaced my carton of store bought orange juice with this instead.  Not to mention store bought orange juices contain nasty "flavor packs" of chemical flavoring to maintain a consistent taste even though oranges can vary in sweetness/tartness throughout the year.  Yuck.  The pasteurization process also removes key vitamins our bodies need, so you end up losing most of the benefits that should be found in a glass of natural juice.

  I also want to note that my husband and I don't own a crazy expensive juicer.  We just don't think it's necessary to buy a $500 juicer.  Maybe if we owned one we would feel differently but for now our $100 Breville Juicer does a spectacular job.  It's very compact, so it fits in our small kitchen and it's quick and easy to clean.  Which is awesome cuz ain't nobody got time for that.  Not with a very busy 5 month old baby anyway.  I mean we need to spend hours walking around the house holding her up to the art on the walls/curtains/plants/very patient dog etc. so she can see and touch them with her chubby little learning fingers. Priorities.

  Also we get to use the remaining pulp to feed the worms in our indoor composting system.  Which in turn creates compost "tea" that we can feed to help the plants and herbs in our little patio garden thrive. Everything comes full circle and nothing is wasted. And we have a little urban homestead to be proud of.  Everyone wins, even the worms.

Alright so let's get down to business...

"Ray Of Sunshine" Life Giving Juice Recipe

*2 Large or 3 Small Red Apples- Cut in fours (Unpeeled)
*2 Large or 3 Small Oranges- Cut in fours ( Peeled if you dislike bitter juice. I leave them on, I like tart. )
* About 4-5 Large Carrots - Left whole (Unpeeled) 
* 4 Celery Stalks- Leaves left on
*A nice chuck of fresh Ginger Root (about an inch long should do it).

That's it! Make sure all of your produce is Organic if possible to avoid scary chemicals and give everything a good scrub first. Toss it all in there and Viola! Deliciousness. I store mine in the lovely little jar you see above that I found in a thrift store for 99 cents. They are a common thrift find and work perfect for juice. This juice will only last about 4 days in the fridge at the most, as it is all natural, but it's highly unlikely it will ever last long enough to go bad. It's that addictive. The smell alone is amazing. 

  There ya' go! Go and make it, I promise you'll feel a little better :) If you don't have a juicer, chop it all up and throw it all in a blender and add some filtered water or almond milk to get it moving. Core your apples, peel your oranges and ginger and trim your carrots first but other wise you will get a just as uplifting and yummy concoction that your body will thank you for!

Spring Is Coming Guys. It will be here before you know it. In the meantime light your candles & incense, play some reggae, buy yourself some bright colored flowers and make some juice!


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