Janis's Vintage Chic Apartment Tour - Part Three

   Hey ya'll! I'm back with another peek into my lovely Auntie's fab vintage apartment.  I had planned on sharing a few more posts between the last part and this one, but life got in the way, so here we are.  Some more ultra cheap and sometimes free decorating ideas and inspiration comin at cha... Enjoy!

PART THREE - The Living Room & Entry

   If you read Part One & Two then you remember that I gave the entire apartment a fresh coat of this brightening yet neutral grey color.  It's the perfect backdrop to make all of my vintage pieces look a little more modern and fresh.  The original wood floors got a good cleaning and they came out just gorgeous!
   When it came to buying curtains for these very tall windows it could of got pretty darn expensive, even shopping at the more affordable big box stores.  I wanted a sheer set under an opaque set so I had the option of filtering light and the view, as well as blocking it out completely.  Enter Savers thrift store. Or any thrift store with a good textiles section.  Curtains average about $3-$5 a pair, making this a MUCH cheaper option! So what would have cost $150 and up- ended up costing me $15. Gotta love it.

   I just realized that my entire living room cost less than most people pay for a sofa :)  Awesome right? And nothing was purchased new besides the rug and throw pillows, making this a VERY environmentally friendly & pocket book friendly home decorating job.
   Also, here's a good tip if you are feeling a bit squeamish about buying second hand upholstered pieces. You can give them a deep cleaning by renting a carpet cleaner with upholstery/rug attachment. They do an excellent cleaning for about $20 per day. And you can even make your own cleaning solution by combining hot water, vinegar and a couple drops of essential oil for a fresh scent. I would test a spot to make sure your piece is colorfast first.

   My entryway was very tight and had no space to add much in the way of decor or furniture.  I added some much needed drama by painting the doors black (which also covered some ugly cracks). You'd be surprised by how much of a difference you can make in a space simply by painting the often overlooked interior doors. I also hung a mirror on one of the doors to visually open up the cramped space.  I know it seems like a faux pas to hang anything on a door but it can work if you have a solid door and hang the piece securely. The entryway cost about 20 bucks in total and really makes a statement when you come in the door!

   Hope ya'll enjoyed Part Three!  If you're just joining us now you can check out the first two installments of Janis's Vintage Chic Apartment Tour below:

Coming next week will be the fourth and final part of the tour! See you then!

Update: Janis recently purchased an 1854 farmhouse and started a new blog Big Rory Road to share the process of bringing it back to it's former glory. You can check out her new journey full of creative and vintage loveliness HERE.



  1. Hi, Andrea! Oh, interesting renovation ideas here! And you're doing miracles with the budget! As for me, if I like something I buy it or save for some time and... buy it! :D
    Lovely space you have created!
    Glad you liked my recent pictorial! Cheerz!

  2. Just wanted to say, that I absolutely love what you have accomplished, with decorating your space here. I believe it speaks volumes, when our personal spaces reflect ourselves, especially when we find treasures along the way, to enhance the rooms...I say well done!!! Fantabulous :)

  3. Lol Zara! Do what makes you happy :)

  4. Gippslandamore~
    Thank you SO much for your profusely kind words!


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