Janis's Vintage Chic Apartment Tour- Part One

  Today I've got a treat for those of you out there that have great taste in home design but no budget to prove it.  Truth is- you don't need much money to create a FABULOUS home from scratch.  And in my family we do just that; time and time again.  It seems that, for one reason or another, we are always moving and starting from nothing.  We have very gypsy like tendencies and have become experts in the art of starting over with not much more than a suitcase of clothes.  We have gotten so good at it, that we've even started to enjoy it and in some cases make a career out of it.  Who wants the hassle of dragging an entire home's worth of stuff with you everywhere you go?  It's super stressful and expensive.  (Okay some people do, but we don't)  Besides decorating on a tiny budget is craaazy fun!  It's a chance to get extra creative with minimal resources and we tend to thrive on that. 

  Decorating on a small budget can easily be done with a well trained eye and plenty of thrifting, bargain hunting, DIY-ing and probably even a little dumpster diving. Yeah- I said it.  It's not gross, it's awesome.  For you non-believers out there- wait till you score your first designer table on the side of the road on garbage day.  Mark my words, you will be addicted,  jamming your brakes on every time you see a trash pile.  It goes without saying that it's better for the Earth to not just go out, and buy a bunch of new crap anyway.  AND it's just plain cooler. 

  The most recent family member to have embarked on a new journey after liquidating her Texas apartment is my insanely talented Aunt Janis.  After picking up and moving to Providence, Rhode Island she found a both funky and affordable apartment with a few good historical details and got to work. This is the story of how her Vintage Chic Apartment came together, with some hints along the way of  how you too can pull off her look on a Tiny Budget.  

 The explanations are in her words as are the tips in each rooms "breakdown".  I hope ya'll enjoy it and get plenty of ideas on how to decorate Your Own FABULOUS Vintage Chic space on a tiny budget!  Since it's a lot of info to jam into one post, I broke it up into four parts. So stay tuned for the next three installments... But first, here's a little bit about Janis in her own words-

   " Well I guess I would describe my decorating style as 'Vintage/Glam/Retro/Fab'.  My decorating style has evolved over time, resulting from a mix of factors.  Growing up with a single Mom and 6 kids we learned very early to recycle and reuse.  My Brothers were and still are masters of creating something out of nothing.  We are a family of the "School Of Self Taught" and became very good at it.  We were recycling before it was cool!
   Another huge factor in my Decorating Style is a result of LEAVING EVERYTHING I OWNED  each time I have moved (And there have been PLENTY of moves).  As a result of these "Moves"  I had to start over from scratch. Maybe not the smartest choices I have ever made, but it has taught me that STUFF can be replaced.  Nothing is rare.  My Sister says it's the Gypsy in us.  So I will go with that!
   And of course my budget or lack of it, is a HUGE factor in my Decorating Style.  I have a limited budget and very good taste hahaha.  So that posed a problem.  That is where thrifting, recycling and reusing came into play.  I have been able to create a beautiful home on a small budget!"

PART ONE- Dining Room & Cafe Space

  My number one tip when working with cheap apartments is you have to be willing to work your ass off. So don't be scared if the place needs a good cleaning and a paint job. Landlords are almost always thrilled to pay for paint when they have your free labor to paint it. I repainted the dingy yellowish paint in a fresh but neutral grey. It gave the whole place an instant uplift and made everything seem a lot brighter and cleaner. I also did the backbreaking job of ripping out all of the nasty 70s laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining room. It took my daughter and I HOURS. But there were original hardwood floors under them- PRICELESS.

Tiny Budget Decorating

Tiny Budget Decorating

Tiny Budget Decorating

  The kitchen is a large and open space but is cut off from the rest of the apartment, so I created a "cafe" area in front of the windows. It makes the kitchen much more functional and welcoming. 
  I keep most things in my favorite color palate of blues, browns and pinks with a few unexpected punches of color. As always I treat animal print (faux of course) as a neutral, you  never have enough of it! Well maybe you can, but I can't! 

Tiny Budget Decorating

Tiny Budget Decorating

So there you have it ! Part One of my Vintage Chic Apartment Tour. I hope ya'll enjoyed it, and we'll be back soon with the next installment.

Update! You can check out the next three parts of the series by clicking below! 

Note- I realize the photos in this tour are not of professional quality, it obviously just was not in the budget. This is a REAL home created by a REAL person. The aim of this series is to inspire and to show people that No Money does not have to equal No Beauty. Gorgeous surroundings can be achieved by anyone and everyone with some creativity and green choices.

*If you are in the Providence, Rhode Island area and are looking for interior styling/organizing help, you can contact the lady responsible for all the above gorgeousness here ~

Update: Janis recently purchased an 1854 farmhouse and started a new blog Big Rory Road to share the process of bringing it back to it's former glory. You can check out her new journey full of creative and vintage loveliness HERE.



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