Valentino Spring 2014~ Fantasy Fairytale Folkloric Frocks

The blog here has temporarily taken the to the back burner of our busy new baby life.  Everyday is a different challenge and a fresh adventure with our beautiful and amazing baby girl Storey Mae.  Although, now that we have recently passed the 3 month mark, things are starting to settle into a {normal?} routine. So I hope to get back to sharing here on the reg.  I am brimming with ideas and projects and inspiration that will be taking shape in the coming months.
In the meantime here are some dresses to feast your eyes on.  They are from Valentino's Spring 2014 collection.  I can positively say that I LOVE every single one of these frocks.  Not that I condone aspiring to wear only designer clothes and spending obscene amounts of money on labels... BUT,  there's nothing wrong with some eye candy.  More importantly, I take these images of Fantasy Fairytale Folkloric Fabulousness to inspire me in my thrifting and creating journeys.  The color combinations, the patterns, the fabrics, the silhouettes - all things that can be taken and interpreted in more attainable ways.
Given the right situation- would I splurge on one of these babies?  You bet I would!  Though I cannot imagine how I could ever choose between them... and the question remains- Where could one wear such a thing often enough to warrant owning it?  Dinner with friends?  Grocery shopping?  Doing laundry?  Lazing about the house?  Gardening?  Why Not.  In the words of Oscar Wilde~  "You can never be overdressed or over educated."