Happy Holidays From Bloom Riot!

Hey dudes, with the X-Mas action about to climax I'll be giving the blog a bit of a rest for a few days until the New Year. If you are still in need of regular doses of inspo you can find me {BloomRiot} on Instagram & Pinterest where I will still be hanging out on the reg.

Happiest of Holidays to Ya'll and see you in 2015! 



Sparkle & Shine DIY Festive Napkins

It's not too late for a last minute DIY to add some sparkle & shine to your holiday table. I made these quick and pretty napkins with the simplest of supplies- a set of thrifted green cloth napkins and a non-toxic, water based permanent paint pen (made for fabric). You may even have these things on hand already. These napkins are a bit fibrous, a smoother surface would have been better suited but they still came out lovely if I do say myself.
I've been wanting a set of cloth napkins with a bit more holiday shimmer and shine to jazz up my tablescape. Of course in my own fashion, I set about to do it as cheap as possible while reusing an item commonly found at the thrift store. Solid colored cloth napkins are just the thing- they are found in abundance in every thrift store, usually for a quarter each. I picked up these babies for a buck total. The pen $2. So yeah. Three dollas for a cute personalized touch to your decor ain't bad.
I went with a star and moon pattern because that is what my obsessive vision dictated, but I can imagine these in many other color/pattern combinations. You could do some feathers or arrows or even mandalas drawn from the center (oh! I'm doing those next!). The paint pens come in every color imaginable but I love the bit of shine from the gold. You can't quite tell from the photos, but these do have a lovely metallic sheen. My pattern is no where near perfect since I did them while entertaining a busy baby girl but I think that lends to the rustic old-worldy look of them.
The paint pens take a bit getting used to and you have to shake them often to keep the color even. Once I got the hang of it, they looked even better. Also the paint will bleed through the fabric a bit so be sure to unfold them completely and work on a surface you don't mind getting covered in paint. They dry very quickly and not a speck of paint came off when I ironed them afterwards. We'll see how they do once they are washed but as of now they seem like they will hold up nicely.
I'm going to make a few more in this pattern so I have a full holiday set for my Christmas and New Years table. Then I think I will make a few more to have on hand for gifts. How sweet and thoughtful of a hostess gift would these be? Cheers!



Las Vidalas

Are you prepared for more gorgeousness than any one human being can handle in one sitting? I hope so, because I'm about to drop it on ya'. I don't know why I haven't shared these with you before now.  Maybe I needed to spend a few months obsessing over them before I was ready to talk about them in all of their shabby, romantic and perfectly styled glory.
I found them originally when I was hunting down the owner of a home I had seen pictures of here and there. The feature in the Spanish language magazine led me to their blog Las Vidalas where they list the amazing pictures of these hand painted furniture pieces.
So here's what I can tell you- Two sisters by the names of Ana and Consuelo Vidal gather these old and forgotten furniture pieces and give them new life by hand painting them in vibrant colors with scenes of flowers and birds.  Sadly, they are all the way in Buenos Aires,  Argentina so I won't be able to stalk any of their work in person any time soon.  Bummer.  We will have to settle for drooling over these images over the inter-webs.  I had a heck of a time narrowing down which pics to share with ya'll because each piece is more drool worthy than the last.  I may even have gone a little overboard, as I do. See for yourself...

And as if the furniture and fabulous styling wasn't enough to completely blow my mind... Consuelo apparently paints these tropical murals and paintings as well. Oh! All of this is just speaks to my soul so much, I can hardly handle it. You? There, your day was just elevated to an automatic 11 out of 10. You. Are Welcome.



Paint The Walls!

Maybe it's because I'm a massive fan of street art and large scale pieces slathered across city walls or that I'm a color outside the lines {even on the walls} type of person.  Either way I'm loving this idea of painting beautiful designs directly on your walls. Whether it be in the folkloric style of the homes of Zalipie,  intricate lacy scenes or these more modern blocks of vivid color...I love them all.

This idea would especially suit a challenging space in need of adornment where you just can't hang art for one reason or another (huge wall/no budget. brick walls, cramped hallway, tiny kitchen?)
The unexpected and free feeling of these rooms have me thinking of where I could use this idea in my own home. Seriously though-how fun and rewarding would a project like this be? If you don't have the nerve to free hand a fresco yourself, you could always use a stencil or have a talented friend do one for you. What do you think? Are you digging these ideas too?



DIY Boho Pompom Garland in 10 Minutes!

I've started my holiday season decorating and it has got me thinking that I need to make more of my own decorations.  I find that it's nearly impossible to find non-traditional holiday decor that suits my home and style sensibility.  I like a mix of vibrant hues and a bit of a bohemian modern twist for my holiday decorating scheme, which is not so easy to find, so I came up with these easy and quick diy boho pompom garlands.

I had a couple bags of pompoms from the craft store leftover from when I made some pretty embellishments for my daughters first birthday.  I'm a sucker for garlands and pompoms and use them at every opportunity, so I thought I'd combine the two and whip up a few pompom garlands. They'll add the perfect amount of bling strung around my tree and draped here and there for extra shimmer and shine.

I chose the sparkly tinsel jewel toned pompoms cuz that's my jam, but there are loads of other color options. You could use the pastel or traditional green/white/red  pompoms or whatever suits your taste. These garlands look super festive and give major impact for minimal investment, a win all the way. I made multiple strings of them in one evening and now they are dripping from every available location in my humble abode. They are fun to make and they are SO FUN to decorate with. They just look so happy and cute don't they?

I have a few more diy holiday decor ideas up my sleeve coming soon <3 Cheers!



A Space To Create

I was recently asked to share my creative space. So I thought today I'd show you the tiny little spot behind my kitchen that I carved out ass my dedicated creative corner. 

The request to share my own creative space couldn't have come at a better time.  It's been on my mind a lot lately, with the recent-ish changes {new baby & husband now working from home} in our home I have been in need of invigorating and defining my studio area.  I have actually been mentally planning it for weeks, since my nest on the couch with my laptop has not been cutting it lately.  I have a mountain of projects on the back burner just waiting to get done that have been driving me nuts.  Due to no proper space to work in, I have been shuffling my projects around the house in baskets and more often than not they get tucked away in a closet until I can get to them. So, it's been a looong time comin'.

We live in a relatively small townhouse but luckily I have the perfect nook in my kitchen breakfast area that I can make my own. The only thing that has been stopping me has been the drabbest of drab brown paint on the walls. Well, I finally painted those nasty walls this weekend with fresh white to give me some much needed light and airiness.  Now painted, the space instantly feels like a place I can get things done.  My desk came down from upstairs and I gathered up some of my favorite bits and pieces from around the house, added some plants and voila!

Now that I have my new creative space all set up, I can't believe how I lived without it for so long. All of my supplies are at my finger tips and the projects are already rolling again.  I have a perfect place for shooting photos for my shop, sewing, blogging and writing letters and all the rest. I've even noticed that I am already much more productive with the little time I have. Which is just so very important as a busy Mamma. So much so I was thinking of doing another post about the make up of an effective creative space. So stay tuned for that :)

The right space for the job is just as important as the right tools for the job, even if it's just a nook in your kitchen.  Dedicated creative space can be the difference between making your creative dreams real or not.  



Inspiration For A Beautiful Bohemian Thanksgiving

I am a Mamma to a very busy little one who just turned 1 a month ago. So that generally does not afford me gallons of time to think up, let alone execute all of my festive fantasies. This year I am looking to my favorite blogs and {of course} dear sweet Pinterest to inspire my holiday schemes. How much of it I will actually manage to pull off remains to be seen. But I will certainly try. 
For those of you in need of some inspo to kick off the season with a Thanksgiving bang here is a roundup of ideas to get the ball rolling. All of the recipes and tablescapes happen to work with a Christmas groove too with a little tweaking, so there ya' go. 

100layercake // greenweddingshoes //  justinablakeney // unknown // designsponge // womaninreallife

My secret to finding the BEST inspiration for party decor and tablescapes? Wedding Blogs. I know, some of you are thinking...puke. Hear me out though. If you check out some of the more non-traditional sites with a bohemian bend, there are endless ideas to be had. Not everything is all pink and ruffles either, all seasons are represented and there are just so. many. creative. ideas. Almost always vintage props are used and romance, whimsy and just general gorgeousness abounds.  I don't know about you but I need heavy doses of romance and whimsy in order to survive. I'm mental like that. The holidays are the perfect excuse for me to dive in to a glittering fairy tale world full of magic and not come out until January 1st. So one must decorate.

cookieandkate// heatherchristo // cookingstoned // heatherchristo

Onto Cocktails. If you are going to have a headache the next day,you might as well make it worth it. These beauties look like something the fairies would be sipping on and are so pretty they could be considered an accessory to your outfit. It helps that they can all be made in big batches or virgin for the non-imbibers too. These recipes each have a healthy{er}spin since they use real fruit ingredients too. Cool. 

Wild Mushroom Soup // Pumpkin Walnut Bread // Sweet Potato Gnocchi // Brussels Sprout Tart // Cranberry Couscous Salad // Camembert With Pomegranate & Figs

Who says that in order to be thankful we must be tied to a traditional menu? I adore the Earthy offerings of the Fall season and there are so many other luscious recipes that would create a spectacular spread. Most of my family would revolt {including my husband} if we had an all out non-traditional menu but there is nothing wrong with injecting some new dishes. They too, provide some variety for us non-meat eaters, so we are not stuck just eating mashed potatoes. Which happens. 

As far as dessert, I am tied to making my sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie for all eternity but I might give coconut whipped cream a try this year to go on top. So what about ya'll? Do you adhere strictly to tradition when it comes to Thanksgiving or do you have your own non-traditional ideas of how things should go down? I'd love to hear it. 



Interior Addictions on IG

Vintage Brass Collection

Vintage Baskets

Embroidered Global Throw Pillows

Do you have home decor items that you just can't get enough of?  Things that no matter how many you have you still can't resist picking up another one?  Yeah.  Me too.  I didn't really realize I was quite as predictable as I am until I met my husband a few years ago.   I would come home from my thrifting adventures and he would say without fail  "Oh, another _____ {basket/throw pillow/candle holder etc} we needed another one of those."  He's joking of course, I know that he really actually loves every dusty 70s artifact I drag home.
It did get me thinking though, I am certainly a creature of habit when it comes to decorating our home. So, just for fun I started hunting around our little hippie house and grouping things together.  It made me realize that {1} I have more un-intentional collections than I thought and {2} I totally get off on cataloging and listing things {3} These would make some very groovy photos.
So, I started a little on-going theme on my GypsyYaya Insta  account called #Interior Addictions.  So whenever I identify one of my "addictions" I'm going to post them there.  FUN.  I can think of at least 10 more groupings I probably have at this moment.  I'd love to see some of your collections too, so if you have some vintage addictions to share, hash tag them #interioraddictions.  I'd love to have a peek!



Time For Tartan

Maybe it is the upcoming festive season or perhaps my recent visit to my family home in Nova Scotia, either way something has got me on this vintage tartan kick in a major way. To be honest, I've actually been stalking vintage tartan scarves online for months now. I finally came across the perfect specimen the other day in a thrift store for next to nothing. SCORE. It's in my closet with my new wide brimmed black wool hat just waiting for the Texas weather to cooperate. It may never happen...

Then, the thrifting gods smiled down upon me again and I found a tartan tablecloth and napkin set with gold glittering threads for the holidays. So {for now} my craving may be fulfilled. Maybe. It's just such a classic and cozy thing this plaid. And a little romantic isn't it? There's plenty of vintage tartan to be found still, since it has stood the test of time and stayed around in one way or another through the years. Pieces from the 60s and 70s are what are catching my eye at the moment. Funny how they can still look so ageless, even after all this time.

    Sources 1// 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7


Sasha's Silver Lake Bohemian Bungalow

This amazing LA apartment tour I spied on Apartment Therapy was an automatic mandatory reeee-share.  It checks all the boxes and then some, Ok.  Bright, bohemian, vintage, know my vibe.  Total apartment envy happening right now {and closet envy}. I just want to hang out here, mix up some margaritas, cuddle with those pups and play dress up with those clothes racks. Nuff said. You can check out the rest of the tour on AT here.  Later lovers.


Storey's 1st Birthday Vibrant Vintage Fiesta!

I think it's important to mark occasions, to honor rites of passage and to stop and think about the passing of time.  We need to remember on these occasions how fleeting and beautiful life is.  Plus I live for any excuse to decorate and celebrate. So, for our daughter's first birthday, we had a simple, low stress fiesta with our nearest and dearest.
Now I know my one year old daughter probably won't remember her first Birthday party, but I WILL. In fact- I cried happy and slightly delirious tears the whole day through (and the night before and the night after...and at many sporadic moments since).
I thought I'd share some of the fun decor and a couple ideas I used to make her little party a memorable event.

Decor~ Most of the decorations were things that I had on hand already.  I love "shopping" my home before buying things, it's amazing how often I come up with exactly what I need.  I picked up just a couple of items at the craft store to make the big pom-pom 1 and other touches.  My theme was Vintage Fiesta with a nod to upcoming Day of the Dead celebrations.  I combined vintage lace (the tablecloth and bunting were ETSY finds left over from my wedding), bright floral vintage tins & trays with anything I had that was hot pink, orange, yellow or had a South of the Border/Fiesta feel. The large silk roses came from the $ store and the fabric bits were all thrifted and will cycle into being Day of the Dead decor after the party.  For more color and festive atmosphere I traced out the big 1 on cardboard and glued multi colored pom-poms all over it. It was a super quick project and waaaay too fun.  I now want to make pom-pom everything.  I strung up pink, yellow and orange crepe streamers all over and called it a day.  I love streamers, they are easy, cheap and biodegradable and anything is better than balloons in my book (which I fear and despise for countless reasons).

Memories~ I printed some square photos of her big moments through the year and clipped them on the bunting with some decorative clothes pins from the Michaels.  I also grabbed a pack of bright colored gift tags and wrote all of her milestones and firsts on them. They were a great conversation item and family loved reading about her first year.  I saved the tags and photos to document her first year in her baby book.

Gifts~ To not get overwhelmed with stuff we asked that everyone choose a favorite childhood book as a gift. Our little one adores books so they should be a perfect keepsake for her to be reminded of who was at her party.  She can read the messages guests left for her inside the covers as she gets older. Just a small gesture that is much more meaningful than more "stuff " which is so easy to accumulate and be overwhelmed by; especially when you have children.  I'm always looking for ways to celebrate more holistically using tradition and happy experiences in place of the stressful, budget busting and unsustainable buying of un-needed things.

Food~ I kept the food more simple than usual and made some hefty self serve dips with crusty bread. My Mamma also brought some saucy "faux meatballs" kept hot in the Crockpot and the meat eaters were none the wiser. I opted for a healthier version of carrot cake cupcakes over a cake since the baby won't be into the cake thing until next year. We gave her a cupcake for the photo op and she was basically unimpressed that it wasn't grapes, so I'm glad I didn't bother with a fancy cake.

As usual I did not manage to take proper pictures when everything was complete but at least you get the idea. When I start cooking and guests arrive I inevitably get swept up and forget my camera. Oh well. It was fun, pretty and happy and that's good enough for me :)



5 Unexpected Collections To Decorate Your Walls

I'm all about big, bright & colorful impact with minimal monetary investment. If I can re-use something I already have or source it by thrifting even better. These 5 ideas for using unexpected collections to create large scale wall art are all of the above. I  just wish I had enough wall space to pull all of them off in my own space.
Vibrant Mexican Shopping Bags are adorned with various lovely prints from Frida to the Virgin of Guadalupe.  Easily found for a song at thrift stores or Ebay, they make for a modern looking collection when hung in groupings of 4 or more. These lightweight bags are perfect to jazz up a rental kitchen wall and you can take one down to use when you're heading to the market or the beach. You could even take it a step further by hanging them on sturdy hooks and storing produce, dishtowels and other kitchen essentials in them. Or use them in the bathroom to hang rolled towels within reach. // image via
I've always thought of bulletin/cork boards as inspiration in the studio or office, but a Giant Sized Cork Board like this one, covered in all your favorite pictures can be a more formal artistic focal point for your living room too. Bonus-you can change it whenever you like without marking up the walls and even create holiday themed arrangements. // via
Vintage Record Sleeve groupings displayed on simple wood rails can fill as large or small of a space as you need. They are at every thrift store for a couple bucks a piece, so you could reasonably create a display of this size for well under $50. Just keep to a similar theme and color story for a well edited display. // via
Am I the only one who hates to part with my pretty Calender Pages at the end of the year? I always choose my calender carefully and I'm sure I have at least 3 stashed away somewhere begging for a chance to re-use them. Framed in simple matching frames and gathered on a wall like this is the perfect reason not to toss your 2014 calender while filling a large empty wall. You could keep the thrifty recycling train going and buy various frames (of the same size) at tag sales and spray paint them all the same color for unity. I'm loving the gold frames as used here. Heck, you can toss caution to the wind and buy one new, it will still be a mega budget friendly project.
Another great idea- hanging a Collection of Art Zines or in my case, Concert Flyers. I have a pretty sizable hoard of nearly every show I attended in New Orleans over the years and I have never thought of displaying them for some reason. My local home improvement store has some hot pink twine that is begging to be part of this too. // via
This has got me thinking of a million other things that can be re-purposed as wall art. Do ya'll have any collections/ unexpected items you are using this way?