Bohemian Christmas Table Settings

 Just dropping in to share some photos that are inspiring my holiday tablescapes this year.  As always with a bohemian flare... Lots of texture, layers of fabrics, vintage dishware and plenty of twinkling candlelight. And of course, to top it all off I'll be adding roses for romance and gilded pine cones and deliciously scented greenery.
 My husband and I are holding our first Winter Solstice holiday party this year and we hope to make it a yearly tradition for both of our families. I love the chance to create a beautiful atmosphere of celebration! Gathering the vintage bits and pieces to make everything extra special is such a thrill for me. I know I'm a bit mental when it comes to these things. And although I may be spreading myself a bit thin with a newborn baby I can't help but go over the top with decorating. Anything worth doing is worth over doing. Am I right? Hey, we have this one life. Why not?

The party is this Saturday, so photos of my little soiree will be here shortly after. I'm SO feeling plaid this year btw. It must be the Scottish in me, I can't resist a little tartan.

Oh and if it seems like my posts are a bit rushed, that's because they are ;) I'm likely nursing while typing or juggling a baby in one arm and wiping up spit up with the other. Glamorous I know. But I'm here, That's what matters right? Right

  See Ya'll Soon


Gift Ideas For The Maximalist

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