Babylon Sisters Gypsy Curtain Update & News!

In My Tribe
   As y'all who visit here on a regular basis already know, my Mom is the genius talent behind Babylon Sisters Gypsy Curtains.  She hand sews each pair with carefully chosen vintage scarves and textiles; every pair is completely unique and one of a kind.  These are a few of her latest mind blowing creations that I just had to share.  Some are two panel sets and some are shower curtains for your bohemian bath. Annnndd...rumor has it, she will soon be stocking Gypsy Bed Canopies!  Yah.  I know.  Imagine your bed tented in all this glittering, gypsy goodness!  If you see a pair you can't live without, be forewarned, they don't last long, so snap em' up while you can.  And keep your eyes peeled for her new creations.  I will be sure to share here as soon as they hit her ETSY shop! 

Dream Merchant

Seven Spanish Angels

Whispering Wind

Farewell To Storyville

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