She's Here!

  As ya'll may have guessed,  my reason for being MIA on the blog here is of the best kind;  the birth of our daughter!  We have been relaxing and recovering in our nest for the past three weeks but can't hold back sharing her with ya'll any longer. So here she is! My sweet love- Storey Mae. She is the ultimate reason for existing and I cry happy tears every day just looking at her. We are so blessed to have her here, happy and healthy! Life really rocks, ya know?
  So hang in there with me guys, I'll be back to regular posting as soon as we figure out how to stop baby gazing 24 hours a day.  I wish I was one of those types that had blog posts prepared ahead of time for ya'll. But I'm just not the scheduled type ;) Be back soon. I promise.



Babylon Sisters Boho Bed Canopies Are Here! AND-

  My Mom and I have been avid treasure hunters ever since I can remember.  Visiting thrift stores, rummage sales, estate sales, flea markets and antique shops is just in our blood.  Our favorite finds have always been anything vintage, bohemian or global...but most of all ~TEXTILES.  Especially textiles that embody these three key things {bohemian, vintage & global}.  When we find a beautiful piece, we can't leave it behind.  We just can't.  And so over time we have done some serious hoarding.  Errr- collecting of some truly fantastic vintage fabrics.  Things like gypsy scarves, kitschy tablecloths, glittering saris, romantic hankies and antique lace, just to name a few.
  This led us to thinking~ What ever are we going to do with all of this gorgeous fabric?  It needs to be displayed.  It needs a home, and a purpose.  It needs to be somehow useful and create joy and beauty in someone's space instead of wasting away out of sight.
   My Mother is an AMAZING seamstress and can make anything one dreams of into a perfectly crafted reality.  So we thought...let's create curtains! Curtains that create an air of whimsy and magic. Curtains sewn with layer upon layer of soulful and shimmering fabrics to billow in the breeze. Curtains that are made up of the pieces collected while on our travels to far flung places. It was the perfect way to create something both beautiful and useful with these textiles that we knew were waiting to be born into something.  Then one day that something became Babylon Sisters Gypsy Curtains.
  The curtains have been the perfect answer to our vintage fabric obsession. But why stop there? We have been busy thinking of more ways to incorporate these creations into home decor.  Bed canopies have long been a favorite and we have always created our own by "pinning here and pinning there" to achieve a bohemian tented bed oasis. Then another idea was born! Hand sewn Gypsy Bed Canopies!
  Vintage sari's lend themselves perfectly to this use with their vivid jewel tones, glittering embellishments and whispy yet decadent materials. This is the first Gypsy Bed Canopy of many. Soon to come will be more color combinations and variations like fringe, bells and mirrors {to jingle and shimmer in the candlelight} sewn into the folds of fabric.

What do ya'll think? Can you imagine your bed swathed in layers of bohemian gypsy goodness? I can! I hope to be on the list for one soon!
Before I forget, a few details~ The canopies will be made to fit over a Queen or King Size bed interchangeably. We eventually will also be making a version to suit a daybed or twin sized bed (perfect for dorms). They come with ribbons sewn to the top four corners so you can hang them easily with four ceiling hooks and even adjust the height to your liking. Visit the ETSY shop here to shop canopies, curtains and creations to come!
And as you may have guessed- No baby yet! 


Babylon Sisters Gypsy Curtain Update & News!

In My Tribe
   As y'all who visit here on a regular basis already know, my Mom is the genius talent behind Babylon Sisters Gypsy Curtains.  She hand sews each pair with carefully chosen vintage scarves and textiles; every pair is completely unique and one of a kind.  These are a few of her latest mind blowing creations that I just had to share.  Some are two panel sets and some are shower curtains for your bohemian bath. Annnndd...rumor has it, she will soon be stocking Gypsy Bed Canopies!  Yah.  I know.  Imagine your bed tented in all this glittering, gypsy goodness!  If you see a pair you can't live without, be forewarned, they don't last long, so snap em' up while you can.  And keep your eyes peeled for her new creations.  I will be sure to share here as soon as they hit her ETSY shop! 

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