That Summer Feelin'


   I've been a very bad little blogger as of late- I know. But! With a babe on the way in 3 weeks or so I have an excuse okay.  I'm in lunatic nesting mode, redecorating, organizing and cleaning every inch of our space. Updating and stocking my ETSY shop so it can autopilot for a few weeks. While at the same time trying to wrap my head around the cloth diapering thing, preparing some healthy whole foods to freeze, making a point of staying fit and getting all the sweet little baby necessities on the ready. I plan on being the most prepared Mamma possible for downtime with our new snugglebug when she gets here.

   So, I'm keeping y'all inspired with this pretty little board of tropical color. No-I'm not ready to let Summer go. One reason being, Summer is SO not over yet here in Houston and the other being, I feel like I've missed most of it.  My only complaint of my entire pregnancy is that I can't stand the heat. I'm normally a lover of the heat, the hotter the better, but lately I just can't hack it. So now that it's cooled down to 85-90 degrees as opposed to 100 degrees plus- I plan on taking advantage of that Summa Feelin' while I can. Maybe we'll even squeeze one last trip to the beach in before the chill sets in.  

  In other news, we decided to take the plunge and buy a juicer. We've been drinking watermelon juice all Summer long made in the blender (see how here) with watermelons from our Rawfully Organic Food Co-op, so we decided to take the next step. Fresh juices are oh so good for the bod and delicious too. Once I have figured out some yummy concoctions I will definitely share. 

  Whew, I feel like I have a million things to do now! Off to get some of it done and hopefully I will slow down and take some pictures along the way for ya'll :)

Hasta Luego



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  2. OBSESSED with watermelon juice! It may just be the perfect beverage!

  3. Hey I'm in Texas too! We just got a 24 hour rain that ended one heck of a drought. I must have missed somewhere that you were expecting. Super congrats to you and your family!

  4. Thank you Hollie! Wasn't that rain just DIVINE?!

  5. Lovely prints and colours! I wish we had a tiny hut on stilts, like this one!
    And you've suggested me another thing to be passionate about :) -- cord wrapped bottles! This little company you show is sooo colourful and unique! The designs may be literally endless! I've found already some DIYs and now dream to make it myself!
    Thanks! :)


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