Open Shelvin' In The Kitchen & Other Rental Kitchen Ideas


No baby yet guys, we've got exactly a week till' our due date and it looks like we'll be making it there, at least.  Baby seems perfectly content to chill a little longer in the womb while Mamma redecorates.
I've been working on my dining/kitchen/weird breakfast nook turned pantry space for a while now and it {finally} seems to be falling together.  While scrolling through my saved kitchen inspo pictures today I realized I really have a thing for open shelving instead of upper cupboards in the kitchen.  I love the feeling of openness it gives while showing off all your pretty dishes (why hide them away?)
Although I certainly can't tear out the cabinets in my present rental, I think I can semi create the look.  I may even remove come cupboard doors to open up my teeny tiny galley kitchen visually. I've already gotten my husband to build me some simple open shelves and plan to add a few more to display pottery, glassware and hang pots and pans. I just love kitchens where you can see all the lovely cooking instruments. It makes it look so much more inviting and kitcheny. Why accept that we have to have perfectly matching and expensive floor to ceiling kitchens in a box? I prefer to think outside the cupboard ;)






I also plan on creating a "backsplash" behind the shelf above the sink (and possibly in the back of the upper cupboards as well) with some rental friendly removable paper. Cost Plus World market has some gorgeous gift wrap options that can be mounted on a removable panel with mod podge.  For mega cheap, you can have plenty of impact and could even switch them out as often as your heart desires.
Back soon with updates! Come to think of it, in our last place we added open shelving as well and I loved it! Here's a picture I found of them in our Creole Cottage kitchen in New Orleans below. Kinda cute huh?



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  1. Nice finds, Andrea! t's true, real, 'live' kitchen should display all its treasures! :) Kitchens where everything is hidden look boring to me, too.

    Waiting with you... ;)
    Take care!


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