Vintage Comeback! - Wall Tapestries

I always get excited to see vintage pieces previously dismissed as old hat make a come back.  Such is the case as of late with hippie wall tapestries.  We're seeing this forgotten art form pop up in modern decor all over,  breathing some vintage soul into creative spaces.  I love how they can bring so much color and texture to a blank wall and a feeling of softness that a framed picture can't really accomplish.  Even better they are usually handmade which gives them a great vibe;  knowing someone put their personal expression into them adds a little love in your atmosphere!  What do ya'll think? 
Are you ready for the return of The Age Of Aquarius?

Find them here~
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  1. I would like to have all of those in my home

  2. I remember that we used to have one from the Speigel Catalog back in the day. Wonder what happened to it.

  3. Miss Hollie-it would be hard to choose wouldn't it! :)

  4. Jason, if you ever find it, you know who to call ;)

  5. Those vintage wall tapestries are such darlings. And I really love to see them hang on my wall. It would surely bring life and fun on it.


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