Outdoor Showers

In the mode of most Southerners right now, I'm crumbling in the heat.  Living in a VERY urban environment here in Houston doesn't help, nor does being an already overheated expectant Mamma (at least that's my only complaint).  Outside is what you see between mad dashes from air conditioning to air conditioning...I have cabin fever.  This has me thinking about water and greenery which led me to Outdoor Showers.  I want one.  In my tiny patio/courtyard area with neighbors overlooking it is a present impossibility. But ONE DAY. One day, I will create a delicious oasis in my wildly overgrown yard to shower and bathe under the open sky. Surrounded by flowers and foliage and the birds and the bees and the lizards. Until then I can dream can't I ?

Now if I had the space, any space at all, that was safe from prying eyes...I would totally do this. You can buy a stand up outdoor shower for relatively cheap and create your own Outdoor Shower Oasis in your Garden!  Cost Plus and Amazon both stock stand alone models that can be easily connected to your garden hose-no plumbing required.  Just add loads of plants and maybe a privacy screen and you have your very own Al Fresco sky bathing retreat! This is so on my near future to do list! 
What do ya'll think? Very do-able non?
xoxo Andrea


  1. oooooh if only I had the money

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