Insta-Home Preview

My living space before and after. What a difference replacing carpet with wood laminate and rugs makes!

The wood floors make it look more the way it was meant to in the 70's (the peacock chair helps too)

A favorite thrift find- my scarlet boudoir chair. A steal for $30!

Some plant & vintage filled vignettes

The beginnings of my dining/kitchen/pantry/bar space (it's complicated)

Another view of the living area

  I'm sharing some pictures today of our little hippie house in the city. When we moved here a year ago from New Orleans we thought it would be a very temporary location. Then when we found out we have a baby on the way we decided to sign another years lease and leave the home buying search for a later date.
That being said we did our best to find a space with the most character possible in the mostly character devoid city of Houston. We prefer a home with some soul and vintage details and were lucky to have found this very cute, two floor, condo rental with loads of 70s retro hippie charm (diagonal wood board walls, funky built in shelving, interesting layout, patio & balcony etc).
  It was a little rough around the edges, but with some touch ups it is slowly, but surely, becoming home. And now that we know we're staying longer I feel the need to invest a little more time and money into decorating our space. I'm methodically redecorating each room so I have everything just the way I want it when the new babe gets here. With a little less than 2 months left until she arrives our place is starting to feel nearly "ready". Not that I can ever leave well enough alone :) My spaces are constantly evolving as my tastes change, but the foundation usually stays the same.
  These shots are from my Instagram feed where I've been posting my progress bit by bit. It's mostly been about "FreeStyle" where I shift my furniture and decor pieces around in different ways to achieve a more functional and pleasing look. Adding some carefully chosen vintage and thrifted pieces when they are needed and cycling out and donating things that no longer fit. It's an organic process where I always try to re-think instead of buy. I find it so much more rewarding that way :)
  Hopefully soon our space will be complete and I'll be able to take some "real" pictures of the finished product! Until then y'all can follow along on my Instagram to see my latest vintage finds and inspirations.


  1. Oh Andrea.....YOU KNOW I LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!! That living room carpet and your wood floors just MAKE THE SPACE.

    We are about ready to move and a MUST HAVE in our new smaller spot is wood floors, they just scream CHARACTER. (O:


  2. great revamp. Your home is AWESOME

  3. Thank You so much ladies!!! I second guess myself a lot, love to hear y'all approve!

  4. Beautiful... like out of a Boho style magazine; page after page. Just lovely.


  5. Your home is absolutely incredible! You've created such a warm atmosphere by adding the rug... Very glad I found your blog :)

    Taylor xxx

  6. Love it! Especially that couch...and that fabulous coffee table!

  7. Oh, your home looks very pretty, cosy, boho stylish and... inviting to explore!! :D Really, I first thought too that it might be some magazine scans. :))

    I noticed your lovely fur family member. What's his/her name?

  8. Thank you all for such kind words about my little abode! Ms. furry friend is named *Shooty* which was my 3 year old nephew's word for naughty. Needless to say she gets herself into a lot of trouble :)


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