Inspirational Etsy Photos ~ Nalini Shop

  A while back I shared a post about shop photography on Etsy and how it can be such a wonderful source of inspiration. Sellers on Etsy are talented in so many ways and often their photos alone are worth the search.
  Today while looking through some Etsy shops over my morning smoothie, I found these fantastically gypsy bohemian photos from Nalini, a European handmade clothing shop. They certainly fit the bill for inspirational Etsy shop photos and more!  These images are mostly from sold items in Nalini's shop, but I still had to share them with y'all for their creativity and styling.  The location, props and model are perfection!  Not only do they make me want every stitch of clothing in this shop but I want to be in the place of the model surrounded by those beautiful things!  Although most of the clothing pieces pictured here are sold,  she still has plenty of beautiful items for free spirits up for grabs.
                                                   You can visit Nalini Shop here. Enjoy!


Insta-Home Preview

My living space before and after. What a difference replacing carpet with wood laminate and rugs makes!

The wood floors make it look more the way it was meant to in the 70's (the peacock chair helps too)

A favorite thrift find- my scarlet boudoir chair. A steal for $30!

Some plant & vintage filled vignettes

The beginnings of my dining/kitchen/pantry/bar space (it's complicated)

Another view of the living area

  I'm sharing some pictures today of our little hippie house in the city. When we moved here a year ago from New Orleans we thought it would be a very temporary location. Then when we found out we have a baby on the way we decided to sign another years lease and leave the home buying search for a later date.
That being said we did our best to find a space with the most character possible in the mostly character devoid city of Houston. We prefer a home with some soul and vintage details and were lucky to have found this very cute, two floor, condo rental with loads of 70s retro hippie charm (diagonal wood board walls, funky built in shelving, interesting layout, patio & balcony etc).
  It was a little rough around the edges, but with some touch ups it is slowly, but surely, becoming home. And now that we know we're staying longer I feel the need to invest a little more time and money into decorating our space. I'm methodically redecorating each room so I have everything just the way I want it when the new babe gets here. With a little less than 2 months left until she arrives our place is starting to feel nearly "ready". Not that I can ever leave well enough alone :) My spaces are constantly evolving as my tastes change, but the foundation usually stays the same.
  These shots are from my Instagram feed where I've been posting my progress bit by bit. It's mostly been about "FreeStyle" where I shift my furniture and decor pieces around in different ways to achieve a more functional and pleasing look. Adding some carefully chosen vintage and thrifted pieces when they are needed and cycling out and donating things that no longer fit. It's an organic process where I always try to re-think instead of buy. I find it so much more rewarding that way :)
  Hopefully soon our space will be complete and I'll be able to take some "real" pictures of the finished product! Until then y'all can follow along on my Instagram to see my latest vintage finds and inspirations.


Nanette Lapore's Boho Boudoir

  As promised, here is part 2 of fashion designer Nanette Lapore's boho beautiful Amagansett getaway cabin. This time with a focus on her boudoir and guest spaces. I especially love the peeks into her fab closet, all of the vibrant global patterned fabrics, the giant shell mobiles and of course the vintage touches. Very inspirational, don't ya' ll agree?
Images Via The Glamourai

Xoxo Andrea


Surf Shack Chic! - Nanette Lepore's Amagansett Getaway Cabin

Gorgeous sculptural mid-century pieces, colorful folky art, rustic board walls...The amazing Amagansett getaway cabin space of fashion designer Nanette Lepore. SO. UP. MY. ALLEY. There was too much fabulous to share in one post, more to come manana!
 Images via The Glamourai


Outdoor Showers

In the mode of most Southerners right now, I'm crumbling in the heat.  Living in a VERY urban environment here in Houston doesn't help, nor does being an already overheated expectant Mamma (at least that's my only complaint).  Outside is what you see between mad dashes from air conditioning to air conditioning...I have cabin fever.  This has me thinking about water and greenery which led me to Outdoor Showers.  I want one.  In my tiny patio/courtyard area with neighbors overlooking it is a present impossibility. But ONE DAY. One day, I will create a delicious oasis in my wildly overgrown yard to shower and bathe under the open sky. Surrounded by flowers and foliage and the birds and the bees and the lizards. Until then I can dream can't I ?

Now if I had the space, any space at all, that was safe from prying eyes...I would totally do this. You can buy a stand up outdoor shower for relatively cheap and create your own Outdoor Shower Oasis in your Garden!  Cost Plus and Amazon both stock stand alone models that can be easily connected to your garden hose-no plumbing required.  Just add loads of plants and maybe a privacy screen and you have your very own Al Fresco sky bathing retreat! This is so on my near future to do list! 
What do ya'll think? Very do-able non?
xoxo Andrea


DIY Miracle Sunburn Remedy Aloe Vera Gel

Yesterday I had a lovely day with my family at the beach.  I'm always very sun conscious and slather on the sunscreen every couple hours, but between multiple dips in the Ocean and hours playing in the sand with my niece and nephew I managed to come away with a nasty burn on my upper back and shoulders.  
So what to do?  It was late at night and I just was not feeling heading out to buy aloe vera gel to soothe my stinging back.  Nor was I willing to suffer through it.  At 7 months pregnant I wasn't about to have yet another reason not to sleep through the night.  So I decided to try making my own natural sunburn remedy.   And let me tell ya',  it was super duper easy and works a million times better than anything store bought! AND there's no yucky chemicals nor plastic packaging to toss in the landfill. Win-Win!

How To Make Aloe Vera Gel- All you need to make Aloe Vera Gel is a mature aloe vera plant.  If you don't have one I highly recommend getting one.  They are very easy to care for (inside or out) and provide natural home remedies for a slew of skin ailments.  I also used coconut oil for added moisture,  a yummy tropical scent and to make the aloe more blend-able,  although you could go without it.

1.  Start by cutting several large juicy leaves at the base.  I used about 2 big fat leaves and 3 skinny leaves as to not destroy the entire plant.

2.  Rest the leaves cut side down in a container to allow the sticky yellow resin to drain out.  Don't skip this step or you will end up with a sticky residue in your gel that stains your skin  (yick). Let them stand for 20 minutes or so. You will see the gooey yellow resin draining into the bottom of the glass.

3.  Peel the leaves.  I found the easiest way to do this was to peel one side (like you would a cucumber-lengthwise) with a vegetable peeler and then to scoop off the gel with a spoon from the other side.  It will be a nice clear semi- solid gel.  Do your best to peel all of the skin off and take care not to stab yourself with the spiky edges :)  It will look like the pile in the middle of the cutting board in the image above. Cool right?

5.  Blend Away!  I pureed my gel in my knock off magic bullet which worked great.  A blender or food processer would do the job as well.  Aloe Vera is food safe so don't worry about it messing up your appliances.  To give my gel a little help blending I added about a 1/4 cup of coconut oil ( about a 2:1 aloe to coconut ratio) It makes it smell delicious and firms up nicely in the fridge to give your gel a nice texture and added coolness when rubbing it on your skin.

6. Store your handmade aloe vera gel in an air tight container and chill it in the freezer for about twenty minutes before applying. Massage into affected ares. The gel will absorb into your skin after a few minutes and leave no residue on your skin. The next day your burn will be noticeably healed (mine was 90% gone) and your skin will feel moisturized and healthy! Reapply as needed.

*Don't mind my crummy pictures ^ they were taken in haste ;)
*You could also add a few drops of Vitamin E or your favorite essential oil for added fragrance and healing properties. 
*This recipe makes about 3-4 ounces, which can be stored in the fridge for a month or two. 

Not just a sunburn remedy! Other Uses~  Soothe minor burns in the kitchen, apply to dry scalp, moisturize dry itchy skin and helps heal acne.

This stuff is heaven guys! What do ya'll think? Are you willing to give your own handmade aloe vera gel a go?

 Xoxo Andrea


Vintage Comeback! - Wall Tapestries

I always get excited to see vintage pieces previously dismissed as old hat make a come back.  Such is the case as of late with hippie wall tapestries.  We're seeing this forgotten art form pop up in modern decor all over,  breathing some vintage soul into creative spaces.  I love how they can bring so much color and texture to a blank wall and a feeling of softness that a framed picture can't really accomplish.  Even better they are usually handmade which gives them a great vibe;  knowing someone put their personal expression into them adds a little love in your atmosphere!  What do ya'll think? 
Are you ready for the return of The Age Of Aquarius?

Find them here~
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