Room Makeover- How To Create A Bohemian Bedroom Oasis

How To Create A Bohemian Bedroom Oasis

  In getting ready for our babies arrival in October {Yes I'm prego-6 months and a baby girl to be exact} Yay!  I was inspired to give our bohemian bedroom (above) a relaxing oasis makeover.  This usually happens around this time of year when the Southern heat is stifling to the extreme.  I start de-cluttering and lightening up my surroundings to give our home a more open and airy feeling.  Out with the heavy, dark, cozy "Winter" fabrics and in with the pastel and soothing tones of whites, creams, pinks and turquoise. 
  I managed to mostly use pieces I already had around the house. The key was carefully editing out any items that take away from the overall pastel bohemian oasis feeling. I can always bring them back when the cooler months return, and cozy it all back up again. 

 * I started by switching out our bedclothes to only pastels. I removed the heavy duvet in favor of light cotton sheets and switched the pillowcases for some with a romantic vintage look instead. Thrift stores are always full of pretty ones for cheap and they are an easy and fun way to change the look of your bed. 
 * I also switched out a heavy tapestry above the bed to this lovely woven cotton throw, also thrifted.  I used the colors in it as my template for the rest of the room. I also switched out some picture frames to pastels instead of dark ones. You could also do a quick paint job on them.
  *Next I draped curtains and fabrics around the room to soften any hard edges and to camouflage anything that didn't fit the look. Thrifted lace curtains flank the bed,  a fringed scarf covers the lamp shade,  a vintage gypsy shawl hangs over a window.
  *I also de-cluttered any surfaces of unsightly personal items and tucked them away in pretty tins, baskets and boxes.

  I have yet to hang macrame planters and we are in dire need of a new (old) long narrow dresser for additional storage, for which I have been scouring Craigslist and the thrift shops.  I'm a crazy bargain lady and I'm confident I'll find something FABULOUS soon for less than $100.  We also have an adjoining master bath and a rarely used balcony off the bedroom that I plan to spiff up in the same pastel bohemian scheme.  Big plans and so little time to do it before baby number one arrives!
   It is still very much a work in progress, but overall I definitely think the bohemian oasis look is coming though non?

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Recipe To Happiness Success

I came across this list and had to share. It really hits home for me, I have been thinking about many of these things lately. It is surprising just how simple it can be to eliminate the un-necessary stresses in life that we have come to accept as the norm. I really believe that this is {basically} the recipe to happiness. Many of the modern stressers we deal with today are things that we have evolved into accepting as part of our new "convenient" lifestyles. I.E. Fast Food, Credit Cards, Un-Fulfilling Jobs just to keep up appearances in order to buy more stuff...Not very convenient when you consider how shitty it makes you feel. I'm going to print this list and keep it nearby as a reminder. I'll call it my recipe to happiness success. I think it couldn't get any closer to the truth.
What do ya'll think?


Goodbye To Google Reader

  Google reader will no longer exist as of July 1st, so those of you who don't want to miss out on what's going on here at GypsyYaya please be sure to follow on Bloglovin' or sign up for emails directly into your inbox by entering your email address on the right sidebar of this page.

  I'll leave you with some beautiful images to inspire your outdoor Summer space from John Eshaya on Domaine Home. Now those are some textiles. Over the top? Never!

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