Lovin' 1970s Design- House & Garden's Complete Guide To INTERIOR DECORATION~ Part One

Vintage Decor Images, Hippie Houses, Vintage Modern Decor, Vintage Morrocon Living Room

Vintage Modern Living Room, 1970s Modern

1970s Vintage Modern Kitchen, Bright Colored Vintage Kitchen

Vintage Modern Living Room, Vintage Eames Rocking Chair

Vintage Global Outdoor Space, Vintage Ethnic Space

Vintage 1970s Living/Dining Space, Vintage Decor Images

Vintage Dining Room,70s Modern Dining Room, Vintage Tile

   I recently picked up this copy of a vintage House & Garden's Complete Guide To Interior Design  from the 1970's.  And I Am In LOVE.  I have always marveled at how trends in fashion come back around to visit again and again.  I guess the same is very much true in all areas of design.  Many of these images (if taken with a modern lens) could be of a space designed today. 
   I have been pouring over the pages and delighting in every little detail!  From the ultra modern furniture, global influences and more organic hippie touches- it was an era in design I'm very much feeling at the moment.  It's also a great way to age and place decor items that I source for my Shop, to get a better idea of when they were made and how they were styled. Too much fun!
  It was crazy hard to narrow down which images to share with ya'll since there are so many inspirational shots.  So much Color and so many (drool) fantastic furniture and art pieces!  And the tiles in the above image are what my dreams are made of...seriously - how fab are they? 
   I have a " Part Two" with more images coming soon, so stay tuned for more 70's yumminess to come!

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  1. Anonymous10/09/2013

    Very nice, love 20th century designs :)


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