Groovy Gift Ideas For Dad

Some Daddies Day gift ideas for those alternative Fathers out there.  Show your Pops how much you love him and be Earth friendly too!  Shop these groovy finds and more at LaGypsyYaya.


Watercolor Home Accessories

I spied these watercolor home accessories recently and instantly fell in LUUUV . They are the work of designers Amy Sia and Jacqueline Maldonado. The natural Ocean, Desert, Sunset, Flower feel of them is just so good to me. They are superb-non? Find them Here and Here.  

Be back soon with some new ideas for your enjoyment...
xoxo Andrea


Mellow Yellow - Spring Color Inspiration

I don't know what it is, but suddenly I have shades of yellow on my mind.  Dandelion, Mustard, Scotch Bonnet, Canary, Sunshine...Yellow.  I especially love vintage-esque gowns in this shade and I think a yellow injection is just what my decor needs-  I suppose my current color crush has something to do with all of the Springtime-y, Love & Happiness I'm channeling at the moment :)


Ikea Bohemian Home Accessory Round-Up!

Easy Spring Decor Upgrade, Cheap Bohemian Decor

In need of some fresh accessories to brighten up your boho space for Spring?   Don't want to break the bank doing it?   Look no further than...IKEA! Yep-Ikea.
I was searching for some storage solutions recently and was pleasantly surprised to see some Very Groovy Pieces.
I'm not usually the Ikea decor type (it's mostly too modern for my earthy tastes) but these bits and pieces I could totally get down with.  And with these thrifty prices- what's not to love?   Even better these pieces all seem to already groove together so they make for an easy upgrade!

Shop the pieces online below~

Happy Shopping!